What kind of statesman refers to his “great and unmatched wisdom”?

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Just out of curiosity, what kind of statesman refers to his own “great and unmatched wisdom”?

Maybe Ronald Reagan did and conservatives just forgot about it.

Yes, this is real.




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  1. @Daniel:
    SD Rostra is made up of a number of writers, all with varying opinions. There is no set Rostra opinion on any subject and there never has been. Our guess is that the writers include some in support of Trump and some that don’t care for him. You can find blog posts for both. That’s what makes Rostra what it is — differing opinions, including yours. But, whatever you mean with “I see you and I know you,” whether it’s a criticism of Rostra in general or not, well, consider us very scared. #cowering, in fact.

  2. T.A.,

    Don’t worry too much. Daniel’s rant sounds like one of the same toothless threats his hero makes on a seemingly daily basis.

  3. That he’s an arrogant narcissist isn’t particularly interesting or surprising at this point.

    The real stories are how many national and state GOP officials are now so closely aligned with him that they are now committed to go down with the ship, when it inevitably does.

    Also, the US military has always benefited from finding locals who speak the language and hear things, and are willing to help us. After watching the US abandon the Kurds to be slaughtered, that ability to attract local allies will be degraded for decades. The power of the US military will be weakened, and troops will die as a direct consequence.

    Don’t waste your outrage on a Tweet.

  4. Mazel tov to headline writer who correctly, in this case, put the question mark OUTSIDE the quotes! Avoided common error.

  5. Indeed, Ken. In this case the question mark belongs outside the quote, as you note. The question mark is not part of the original quote. It should be outside because it’s the author’s question, it wasn’t part of the president’s comment. So be it.

  6. As I watch all of the State Department “experts” criticize our President I’m amazed to see “educated” Republicans fall for the same traps the media and ALL Democrats do.

    From a simple retired enlisted guy’s perspective here’s how this works…
    1. President throws out a part truth, part bloviating tweet
    2. Angry liberals, the media, and the remnants of the “Never Trumper’s” jump on this like hobo’s on a ham sandwich.
    3. While all of those “smart people” trash the most successful President in our lifetimes, he’s supporting the well armed, trained, and equipped Kurds. Moving the few hundred Special Operations Forces from the region and holding Turkey over an economic barrel they cannot and will not challenge.

    So for all of you arm-chair Presidents, whom all could do a better job; I say run for office, hell shoot to unseat President Trump… Or simply sit back and watch a brilliant strategist continue to dupe his competition and stay 5-steps ahead of all of you.

  7. For those of you who still don’t get it, especially those so incensed by this post from yesterday, could this be the answer to the original question?…

    Q – What kind of statesman refers to his own “great and unmatched wisdom”?

    A – One with great and unmatched wisdom.

    Those who reacted so ridiculously to a simple question, maybe you got trolled too!

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