The Coup Against President Trump May Work

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I will admit that the Congressional impeachment investigation announcement made me worry a bit. I don’t think the President’s actions warranted impeachment but I do know that he isn’t a career politician — his opponents are, and they’re also masters at DC politics. However, when I read that the White House was being denied due process rights and that the Intelligence Community Inspector General was stonewalling disclosure of a post-dated “form change,” I realized that this whistle blower’s claim, backed by third-party scuttlebutt, was just another raid in the years-long insurgent war against the President.

It’s been my experience that professional politicians are narcissistic sociopaths and career bureaucrats are controllers — both crave power. When a motivated driver comes in with a plan to upset the power structure, he’s going to be the target of those two anti-social personality groups.

It’s no secret that I wasn’t one of Donald Trump’s original supporters and an Eleventh-Hour Trump voter.  As I stated some year and a half ago, I was wrong. Terribly wrong. I am convinced now that no Republican could withstand these attacks against the Presidency of the United States. I am not fully convinced that President Trump will survive it but, if anyone can, he will.

Our federal government is rife with corruption and complacency. The last three Presidential elections proved that the American people want change — they elected two seemingly opposite agents of change in each of those three elections. The bureaucracy was put on notice in this most recent Presidential election and it is fighting back with an insurgency, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Lincoln was elected. The Democratic Party and Big Media are all too happy to do the insurgents’ dirty work.

The three recognized strategies of insurgent warfare are guerrilla campaigns, conventional battle, and punishment. The goal is regime change or collapse of a government. In a political context, conventional battle would be special elections and is the least risky to wage. Punishment would be spying on political opponents or using frivolous lawsuits to discredit them — this strategy is the most risky because it runs the risk of alienating the populace. Guerrilla campaigns however are designed to wear down the opponent, over time, and entice foreign powers to help the insurgents. They use ambushes and hit-and-run raids to wound the opponent and attract support from third-parties.

The risk of guerrilla campaigns is that the third-party powers may be unable to help the insurgents upset a regime because the government controls superior forces and enjoys popular support.  The current political insurgency against the democratically-elected President of the United States is using mostly guerrilla campaigns in an attempt to wear down American voters so that they surrender in the final conventional battle; the 2020 Presidential election. It just might work and, if it doesn’t, it will be because of two reasons:

1- The insurgents don’t have a compelling alternative to offer. Biden is corrupt, Sanders is infirm, and Granny Warren is an unlikable fraudster. The rest of the field of candidates are lightweights with maybe two promising outliers: Buttegieg and Gabbard. The former is the Mayor of a city with a population around the size of El Cajon and the latter’s commitment to a Trump-like foreign policy make her another possible enemy of the insurgents.

2- Trump counter punches. Hard. Really hard. The American people like him for his courage to do just that. Trump won a conventional election by using unconventional tactics. He eviscerated almost a dozen and a half legitimate Republican opponents by campaigning as a different kind of Republican. Trump defeated the Should-Be-First-Female President with the notion that the American government should protect and serve the American people…First.

Trump confronts guerrilla campaigns with like tactics. He incessantly tweets, putting the media on tilt, and assigns funny little nicknames to the insurgents. He holds Obama-like rallies in contested lands, begging the populace of those lands to join him in his fight. He calls Washington DC a “swamp.” He reaches out to Americans that the insurgents assume, because of the color of their skin, must be aligned with them. Rather than make nice with the bureaucracy like his predecessor did, Trump keeps his promises to the American people and confronts the bureaucrats, demanding that they quantify their value as servants to the people they swore an Oath to serve. When the insurgents attack, he counterattacks on grounds previously considered to be the insurgents’ territory.

It’s as if President Trump has watched the insurgents destroy America and has been plotting this counter-insurgency for a couple of decades, laying in wait to ambush them with the very tactics and weapons they used to take down what most Americans believed to be “exceptional.” He champions the common-Joe, who has been screaming out his apartment window, with a promise to Make America Great Again.

The American people want less war, stronger borders, fewer taxes and regulations, and trade policies that are fair and equitable to both trading partners. President Trump promised all of those things and is making good on his promises. This upsets the status quo to the point that the politically-privileged class is fighting back. They can’t defeat President Trump in a conventional battle so they have resorted to insurgent warfare. They started right before he was inaugurated and will continue up until the day he is re-elected to office. If any one is prepared to fight a counter-insurgency, it’s Trump.

I don’t think he should have to do it alone. I will defend him. I hope Republicans will too.


This article, while not used nor read prior to my post, provides excellent contact


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  1. Dems/liberals/CNN (a single entity) are complaining about Trump using Giuliani…you know, “circumvention” of “official” channels, yada, yada, yada. I guess none of them ever heard of FDR and Harry Hopkins.

  2. Hey, Brian. I agree that Trump is completely innocent. That’s why I scratch my head on why he won’t release documents or let his aides testify to his perfect conversation. The truth will set him free!

  3. Today the president claimed he can immunize the entire executive branch from producing documents or witnesses because the impeachment inquiry is unconstitutional.

    Is the president correct?

    Let’s take a deep dive into the highly technical and detailed processes and procedures carefully spelled out by the framers enshrined in our Constitution.

    “The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.”

    Article 1, Section 2.

    That’s all folks.

    Republicans have appointed the majority of the Supreme Court, and they tend to prefer judges who practice “strict constructionism,” which looks only at the plain wording.

    Good luck.

  4. Post

    “That’s why I scratch my head on why he won’t release documents or let his aides testify to his perfect conversation. ”

    Legal reason? Read the first link in paragraph 1
    Political reason? Read paragraph 9.

  5. Brian, the House investigation is like a grand jury investigation. It is just gathering evidence. Once the evidence is gathered the “trial” part of the impeachment happens in the senate. That is where Trump will get to question witnesses, call his own witnesses, etc. There is no denial of due process. This is the process.

  6. Brian Brady, thanks for this. I want to add some personal comments about my support for POTUS 45.

    You know being a NYer, and watching Trump my entire life do things, I knew who he was. I supported him from the second he announced and I love the man. I don’t have to like everything he says and does, but as someone from the Bronx, my favorite part of his fight is the name calling. I enjoy it and love the fight in him. I thrive on it!
    I grew up on the mean and drug infested streets of the south Bronx, 10 blocks from Yankee stadium.
    I fought my way out of that hood as a super minority and won a scholarship which coming from a poor family, was the only way I was going to leave NY.
    It is not easy being a ghetto white kid, growing up on the NY streets in the late 70’s, in a 70% black and hispanic community and have all your friends black and hispanic, and then pick up and move to Norman Oklahoma to follow your dreams of being the first person in my family to have a college education.

    So, back to Trump, I watched this man be honored by every black and hispanic group in NY. He was loved by millions of people. I had a friend whose mom worked for him as a construction manager. She was born in Jamaica. Not Jamaica Queens, but the island of Jamaica. She was a descendant of slaves from africa and was now managing part of the Jacob Javits convention center build in the 70″s. So this man is about as racist as I am!! I am sure my wife from Argentina and my 50/50 latino son would say that also!!!
    He is not perfect, I am not perfect, no man is. God is perfect though!
    But he is making excellent Judge selections. Keeping promises with building the wall, and I don’t care who pays for it as long as it gets built. And as a constitutional conservative I would say in my lifetime, including Reagan, no President has done more to keep America great. And I voted for Reagan also!

    I will be of those who would lay my life down for this country. We need to do just as you said, hope and support Potus 45 to continue the fight and in the end, he will be re-elected and we will continue to make america great.

    I recently left a state I loved, California. I spent the last 21 years living in Tierrasanta and building a life there. California became unbearable to raise an 8 year old. So, a great opportunity came and I was offered to go back to where it all started, Oklahoma. I can say family values and the good lord are here and we are thriving in this “flyover” state.

    I look forward to Donald Trump continuing to fight for me. I am the little guy, I am American who married an immigrant, I am America. And I will fight for my President!

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    @Peter Califano

    I thought the White House Counsel laid out a pretty good argument in his letter. With which of his three points do you disagree and why?

    N.B.– Pat Cippalone is not Donald Trump’s personal attorney but rather attorney to the Office of The President/Executive Branch

  8. @Brian Brady. very interesting points. Most Republicans seem to rely on what they think are these 5 facts -below. But they could be wrong. Sharing these words from a very wise man.


    1) Trump is a sure thing 2020.
    Better check the rigged system again, the illegal voters, sanctuary cities, changes in voter demographics and how the news and social media will help the LEFT steal the election. (2016 Clinton wins popular vote by more than 3M votes)

    2) Democrats don’t have any evidence to impeach Trump.
    Since when is evidence a requirement? Whose “facts” matter?

    3) The House doesn’t have the votes to impeach…
    A simple majority is all that is needed to impeach in the House, which won’t require a single Republican vote today.

    4) The Senate won’t convict…
    a 2/3 majority in the Senate is needed to convict and remove from office. Democrats have almost half… how many RINOs and never-Trumpers are in the Senate?

    5) The people will take to the streets!
    Most won’t even take to their TV, the voting booth or certainly their wallet…. ”

    regarding the 2020 election I paraphrase the quote from Stalin – ‘it is not who votes, it is who counts the votes that matters..”
    Doesn’t George Soros own the company manufacturing and operating the vote counting machines in America ?

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