What I saw in August to support a good man, Herman Cain, for President of the USA — by Judge Larry Stirling

Jim Sills Jim Sills


Judge Larry Stirling (ret.) went “all in” for Herman Cain when the Georgian  looked like a hopeless long shot.  How things have changed!  Today Larry tells us what drew he and wife Linda to Cain’s candidacy…

My wife and I were certainly pleased to host Herman Cain during one of his earlier campaign appearances. That was in August when he was still way back in the polls. It was hard to get people to come see him.   Not one member of the press showed up though I invited  every media outlet in San Diego County.

But having seen him on television and compared him with some other wealthy, blow-dried candidates, it seemed he was the only candidate that had a prayer of  “profiling” with the voting public.  And after all, fitting the voters’ profile is what it is all about.

Cain is Black, and his current surge in the polls proves Americans have  long since adhered to Dr. King’s admonition to judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. I think those Republican candidates who were born wealthy and privileged  lack the life’s experiences known by the overwhelming majority of rank-and-file Republicans, let alone the rest of the voters. Certainly they have not walked my own road.


Mr. Cain, though now wealthy, got so through dint of hard work and self discipline. Born to a maid and a chauffeur, he got himself into Moorhouse, the elite Black university in Georgia.  His major was mathematics.  He went on to obtain a masters in computer science, when the early Univac computer was still supposedly destined to rule the world. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates took care of that.

Mr. Cain’s first job was working for the Navy doing ballistics analysis critical to our war efforts. He went on to other successful career moves culminating is buying out Godfather Pizza and making a lot of Americans happy and him wealthy.   He served terms as member then chairman of a Federal Reserve Bank and later as president and chief lobbyist for the National Restaurant Association. Working with the lightweights in D.C. no doubt gave him the idea that  if they could be senators and presidents, then so could he.

In other words, he worked his way up like the rest of us. That is profiling with the majority of us in the best way.


In addition to his career successes, he also has that elusive  charisma so important to leadership. He is handsome, tall, and strong. Not just physically strong, but he has endured a bout with cancer and overcome that. He went into the hospital with a colon and came out with a semi-colon as other victims like to joke.

He has a beautiful voice and the inspirational speaking ability of a Baptist minister which he just happens to be. He is married to a wonderful woman who loves him back.


Cain calls himself the “dark-horse candidate”,  kidding the racial issue.  But Republicans have much to be proud of when it comes to Race,  especially Black Americans , and he does not hesitate to say so.

It was Republicans who initially took up the fight against slavery. It was the election of  Republican Lincoln that caused the Democrat south to secede to protect slavery. After victory during the civil war, it was Republicans that guided the South to reconstruction, and advocated full participation by former slaves and all Black Americans.  It was largely Democrats that fueled the southern Ku Klux Klan.  It was Democrat elected officials, from dog catcher to governor, that maintained the Jim Crow South up until even the time I served in the Army in the South.

It was Republican  Dwight Eisenhower that sent the  82nd Airborne  into Little Rock to desegregate Central high school there.  And Republican Eisenhower that established the Civil Rights Commission. Republicans have been in the forefront of nearly all civil rights legislation, with many elected Democrats dragging their feet.

Cain is correct to be a Republican.  Republicans have championed the rights of Black men and women,  instead of trapping them on “the Plantation” as Cain calls it, through what George Bush called,  “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”


Now Mr. Cain is a  front runner. The scrutiny and criticism is intense.  He has stumbled a few times, as we all do.   But he is also resilient, and today’s Rasmussen Poll shows him to be  #1  in  Iowa.

Mr. Cain is the right man to be president of the United States.  As  a Black conservative he can win over new Black votes, and moot the ever-present race card that the Jim Crow Democrats like to play.

Herman Cain for President.