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  1. Northbound traffic was backed up on I-15 & Hwy 163 for nearly a mile on Friday about 5:20. I thought it was due to a reported crash near Poway Road. Instead, it was this fire truck parked on the Mirmar Way overpass with a pro-Prop. D message and a lone guy wearing a fire helmet waving at a bunch of ticked-off commuters.

    Gosh, I wonder if I tried that with a No on D banner over my Chevy Suburban if the CHP would be so understanding?

  2. They were parked in front of our school’s Halloween Carnival last Saturday, giving kids a chance to sit inside and honk the horn.

    Ticked me and my husband off big time. I didn’t think to look and see if it had a station number on it…I just assumed.

    No on D (if for no other reason, the worst campaign logo every).

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