We’re Taking Nominations RIGHT HERE — Who wants to be a GOP state senator? 21 Days left to get 40 signatures.

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(A) Three weeks to get  (B)  40  signatures and spend  (C)  $953 for a  filing fee.   In Equation form that would be ….. 3 + 40 + 953=  Republican State senator.  It could be YOU!    So The Chair  now recognizes YOU to make a Nomination right  here in the COMMENTS  section below.  Or if you prefer a lower-profile,  please send me a confidential e-mail at  YourElectionVictory@hotmail.com   I promise your nominee will then be  surfaced with Republican leaders in a position to make things happen.


You say that’s not enough?  You say you Want More?  Then remember that (D) incumbent Chris Kehoe is term-limited and (E) the new state  Map adds GOP  strongholds   like  Rancho Bernardo, San Carlos,  Del Cerro, Mira Mesa and Coronado.  All that is lacking is a Republican candidate to face Demo nominee Marty Block.  If You, a Friend, relative or colleague has waited for Opportunity to Knock… then  start  Listening  right  now, because there it is!


Here’s how the Rostra Election Institute sees things with help from the  Victory Bear  and his patented   “Break  It  Down”   software program:

Lean Republican: (18)  Rancho Bernardo, Point Loma, Allied Gardens, San Carlos, Clairemont, Bay Park, Rancho Penasquitos, Mira Mesa, Serra Mesa, Del Cerro, Tierrasanta, Navajo, La Jolla, University City, Mission Village, Fairbanks Ranch, Carmel Valley, Coronado.

Lean Democratic:  (13) …. Linda Vista, South Park, Oak Park, Normal Heights, North Park, Hillcrest, Mission Valley, Mission Hills, Downtown, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, College Area, Del Mar.

That  summary of Neighborhoods within the new 39th State Senate district views their general political affiliations based on past election returns. The  Victory Bear   analysis substantially pits North of  I-8 neighborhoods (Republican) vs. the communities  South of Interstate 8 (mostly Democratic).   Though the Bear asks that we note that Point Loma and Coronado are South of I-8, and Del Mar / UCSD are north of it.


Please spread the word, and tweet this post.  Or write me at YourElectionVictory@hotmail.com.    Your candiate nominations  will be confidentially forwarded to the Right people to get things rolling.

2012 might well be  YOUR year.



Jim Sills is a San Diego political consultant. If you have questions about your future in San Diego and California elections,  contact Jim at this e-mail address: YourElectionVictory@hotmail.com He has aided campaigns for Rep. Darrell Issa, Assemblywoman Shirley Horton, Senators Joel Anderson and Tony Strickland, Representatives Devin Nunes and J.D. Hayworth, County Assessor & Recorder Greg Smith, among many others in California and beyond.

Jim Sills has no existing professional campaign connection with candidates mentioned in this article.


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  1. There is no way the state or county party can let this seat go without a major candidate mounting a major campaign. Faulconer, Thalheimer, Boling, heck even Plescia, one of them, or someone on or near their level, needs to step up and take on and beat Marty Block.

  2. I’ve posted on my fb page that I’d like Kevin to run but hasn’t the district become less competitive? Is it all about who can raise the most cash? Would the Republican Party put any elbow grease in the effort or just leave him hanging like they do other candidates in Democratic-leaning districts?
    Hello Paul: Thanks to the lone San Diegan on the State Redistricting Commission (Gilbert Ontai) Senate District 39 is now more competitive. As redrawn, places like Rancho Bernardo, San Carlos, Del Cerro, Mira Mesa and Coronado are now in SD 39. All lean Republican. The district is a toss-up between the Parties.

    Jim Sills

  3. Trust me. We WILL have a major candidate. Hopefully just one.

    There are some in the GOP that refuse to let this seat go over to the dark side without a huge fight.

    And it IS winnable. Not five years ago, perhaps. But these are different times.

  4. From our perspective, in the 39th, it’s likely that union stooge Marty Block could make MOST Democrat opponents look good in comparison.

    But I strongly suspect we can do better. MUCH better.

  5. A dedicated candidate who loves this state and wants to get things done will step in. The GOP has to gain this seat.

  6. Vicky,

    Are you saying that Democrats don’t love this State?

    Everybody loves California, but they often have
    different ideas on how to express that affection.
    Thus the 2-party system.

    Jim Sills

  7. Jim,

    Agreed completely. In fact that is why we have more than two parties. I just think we would function much better as a society if we didn’t resort to accusing those we politically disagree with of being unpatriotic or, in this case, un-Californian.

    Glad we agree on that principle. But no one
    is accusing you of being un-Californian.

    Jim Sills

  8. We’re not seeing anything in Ms. Kerley’s comment other than that either she knows or is confident that someone meeting her “specifications” will join the race. Maybe she will answer Alger’s question. But, may we suggest that we all have better things to discuss than to try to dissect the phrasing of one commenter?

  9. Alger, I am not saying at all that Democrats don’t love this state. My comment was in two parts and more meant to suggest that a good solid and issues race based on the candidates’ (plural) love of California is what is needed. I would never, ever intend to say that someone I disagree with does not love California. Our Country and our state are great because of differing ideas that somewhere in between compromise can be found. That is all I was getting at.

  10. Richard,

    At the risk of getting into another pointless argument with you, you are wrong on two accounts:

    1. Whether or not a Party has automatic ballot access is based on the results/registrations of gubernatorial, not presidential elections. Therefore, your fear cannot possibly happen until after the 2014 election.

    2. More to the point, your fear will not happen at all because ballot access is not based solely on voting results; it is also based on voter registration. A Political Party will maintain its ballot access if even 1% (actually much less than 1% since not all registered voters vote, especially in a gubernatorial election) of all registered voters register in that Party.

    Per Wikipedia:

    “California: Per section 5100 of the California Election Code, ballot access requires one of the two conditions below to be met.

    1. If at the last preceding gubernatorial election there was polled for any one of the party’s candidates for any office voted on throughout the state, at least 2 percent of the entire vote of the state.
    2. If on or before the 135th day before any primary election, it appears to the Secretary of State, as a result of examining and totaling the statement of voters and their political affiliations transmitted to him or her by the county elections officials, that voters equal in number to at least 1 percent of the entire vote of the state at the last preceding gubernatorial election have declared their intention to affiliate with that party.”

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