We’re Recruiting Andrew Hayes for State Assembly!

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To: SD Rostra Readers

From: County Supervisor Joel Anderson

Dear Friends,

As those engaged in the process, you know better than anyone the importance of having State Legislators who understand the uniqueness of our districts and most importantly will fight for us in Sacramento. That’s why Senator Brian Jones and I are recruiting Andrew Hayes, Lakeside School Board Member, to run for State Assembly District 75 to represent East and North County San Diego.

Both Brian and I have served in the State Assembly and State Senate representing North and East County and have worked with both great and bad legislators. Our communities need and deserve someone who is not only smart but who we can trust to do the hard work necessary.

Over the last eight years we have seen Andrew grow from an entry level legislative staffer to a celebrated district director. His leadership and work ethic did not stop there, he successfully won a seat on the Lakeside School board and was overwhelmingly re-elected. As School Board President Andrew fought for local control and parent’s rights, and opposed tax increases — and we know he will do the same in Sacramento.

That’s why we’re all in on Andrew and we’re asking you to join us in supporting him by endorsing him today. If you’re comfortable endorsing Andrew, you can do so by sending an email to anderson4supervisor2020@gmail.com.

If you would like to speak to or meet with Andrew, please let us know.

The stakes are high and we want you to join us in building the important coalitions we need to fight to fix California!

Thank you for your hard work and consideration of supporting Andrew!


Joel Anderson
San Diego County Supervisor

Brian W. Jones
California State Senate Minority Leader


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  1. All we need- another RINO establishment squishball who wants to be a career politician on the local dime. I guess that makes sense coming from Anderson, a lefty endorsed by labor Unions, and Jones, who was working at Dominoes before he realized the Republican bench in California is so weak even he could run for office.

    Can we get a real Conservative running for once? No wonder the libs rock and roll all over us.

  2. Dear Mr. Tomcat,

    1. Why does an individual holding strong views on Conservatism hide behind a faux name?
    2. Please share your definition of ‘Conservative’.
    3. Please share the legislator whose views in east county you identify as conservative.

    Thank you.

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