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UPDATE: It’s on!

South California

South California


. . . more accurately, watch this Website,

Nothing much here yet, but Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone says it will be turned on later tonight.

In an interview on the LaDona Harvey show, Stone said his proposal to have 13 counties, including San Diego County, secede from California to form their own state is attracting a lot of attention. If you want to listen, I’ve got most of it on a 4.5 megabyte MP3 file – click here to listen or download. (The background noise is me driving.)

Harvey said she at first thought secession was crazy, but upon further reflection liked the idea.

“I’ve had interviews from the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, television stations,” Stone said, “I’m on CNN nationwide this afternoon. I was on Fox News nationwide. And every commentator, when they first hear it, just. . says it sounds a little bit crazy, but when you really think about it, it really makes a lot of sense.”

Not all of the attention has been favorable, however, and Stone admits that actually carrying out secession isn’t going to be easy. First, he says, there’s going to be a new effort to reform state government.

Local media outlets, such as Channel 10 News, carried accurate reports of Stone’s proposal. But ABC News’ The Note, botched the facts with a silly blog post that included this whopper:

“In California, a state ruled by Democrats, 13 southern and mostly Republican counties are petitioning to create their own state.”

There is no such petition by the 13 counties. Those are just the counties Stone wants in his proposed state. Even in Riverside, the Board of Supervisors voted 4-0 merely to discuss the idea with other counties. That’s not the same as “petitioning.” San Diego County’s supervisors have not endorsed the idea, and an editorial in the North County Times poured cold water on the idea.

This isn’t to judge Stone’s idea good or bad, but to remind people there’s going to be a lot of inaccurate reporting on it. So stick with your trusted local news sources for this story.


(DISCLAIMER: This is my opinion, and not necessarily that of my employer, the North County Times.)


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  1. Jeff “Stan Statham” Stone consistently has a problem with just saying whatever promotes his agenda regardless of the truthfulness and this is just one more example. He is quoted in this post as saying “…And every commentator, when they first hear it, just. . says it sounds a little bit crazy, but when you really think about it, it really makes a lot of sense.”

    Yet when you look at his interview on Fox News nothing even close to that was said. In fact the commentator says “this is really more to draw attention to your plight because you have to get — because — the Constitution says you’ve got to get the state legislature to agree to it, and they’ll never agree to it.”

    Maybe someone should do a public records request and see if he has really received “thousands of e-mails” as he claimed in the interview. My guess is that he has not.

    It is no secret that Stone wants to run for higher office, so what seat is he eyeing and thinks this lame brain idea is going to help him?

    It did not work for Stan and it won’t work for Stone.

    Listen or read the Fox News interview here:

  2. Although I am not dogmatically opposed to the idea of splitting California, somehow I doubt that a proposal to separate Los Angeles County from ALL of its external water supplies (Inyo/Mono Counties, Lake Havasu, the Cal Aqueduct, and the Wind Gap Pumps) is going to fly. Although on that note, I’m sure that this idea will be wildly popular in Lone Pine, Independence, Olancha, Big Pine, and other parts of Thaddeus Taylor’s neck of the woods.

  3. I know that the counties that border the Nevada state lIne, including Alpine, Nevada, Placer, El Dorado, etc., would love to leave California. Jeff Stone could probably pick off these guys for free. He could rename it “Southeast California”. It is very pretty country too.

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