Oceanside Mobile Home Rent Control Decontrol Repeal Qualifies For Ballot

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Yes, I know it’s a convoluted, serpentine headline. What it amounts to is good news for supporters of rent control for mobile homes, long a hot-button issue entwined with Oceanside’s famously factious politics.

Fresh electrons from the North County Times give the details:

Enough signatures have been collected on petitions challenging an Oceanside mobile-home rent control measure to put the issue up for election, officials said Thursday.

“It’s a great day for Oceanside,” said Jim Sullivan, an organizer of the petition drive and resident of Miramar Mobile Home Community.

“I’m very happy. Now the real work comes,” Sullivan said.

County election officials verified that mobile-home residents have collected the signatures of at least 7,670 registered Oceanside voters as required, City Clerk Barbara Riegel Wayne said in a memo to City Council members.

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