Voters: Choose Your Strongman for 2016!

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As an avid observer of the presidential contest underway, I can’t help but notice (and be exasperated by) the large number of voters in both parties who seem to be clamoring for a “strongman” candidate – someone who is willing to bypass the separation of powers to unilaterally bring radical change to our country. I can’t really get into the psychology of this phenomenon – maybe it’s a combination of partisan frustration, an inability of candidates and the parties to manage expectations among their base, and a heightened urgency to overcome the partisan games and gridlock that have paralyzed reasonable policy making in Congress. I won’t play Freud.

As a Republican, I’m disappointed to see candidates in my party make absurd strongman promises and pledges to the public. This isn’t the first cycle I’ve seen it, and it won’t be the last. No one is stepping in to set the record straight, to point out legal and logical flaws. It’s all chalked up as campaigning – but it’s having an effect on the electorate.

As such, I would like to extend an olive branch to voters of all political stripes, and suggest to them a number of viable strongman candidates with crossover appeal which may ultimately bring us closer to the change and reforms we need in America. A truly independent strongman is likely to succeed where partisan strongmen won’t – bypassing *both* parties to get the people’s work done, and really moving that ball forward in DC.

America, for your consideration, here are your candidates. Do what you can to qualify them on your local ballot for the 2016 presidential election.

General Zod


Khan Noonien Singh

Some of their supporters already have campaign posters.


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  1. Thank you, Richard, for your sensitivity to this deeply offensive, bourgeois, sexist, patriarchal, phallocentric characteristic of our language.

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