Vote for Sylvia Sullivan’s Pro-Life Poem, “Please Forget me Not”

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Tireless East County conservative leader Sylvia Sullivan has entered a national poetry competition dedicated to the Pro-Life Movement.  Sylvia’s moving and compelling words are reproduced below.  If you like the poem, please join me in  Voting For It  at this  link.  Just click the Facebook “Like”  button on Sylvia’s  poem while  logged onto the Facebook  link nearby.

The poetry competition is sponsored by the Manhattan Declaration,  a coalition which says,  “we are especially troubled that in our nation today the lives of the unborn, the disabled, and the elderly are severely threatened.”


….Please   Forget  me  Not

by  Sylvia Sullivan

I’m so small, not easily seen or heard,

A baby, with no voice nor choice, so absurd.

Mother Earth has rights, animal rights, even criminal rights,

Yet they say it’s all settled, those Roe v Wade fights.

Baby condors, snails and whales have defenders,

I’m a glob, a pregnancy by-product, what pretenders!

My blood is sought, for many dollars bought,

Who will cry out for me, please forget me not.

Be quiet, don’t bring up the thorny “issue”

Don’t rock the boat for a little bit of tissue.

But I have no voice, no choice, nothing to say,

By their CHOICE, my life is taken away.

Mom, Dad, please let me live life and see days light,

Don’t let the womb be my tomb, I’m worth the fight!

My blood is sought, for many dollars bought,

Who will cry out for me, please forget me not!


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  1. In my dictionary the phrase Walk-the-Walk is illustrated with a portrait of Sylvia Sullivan.

  2. The millions of lives that are killed because it was “inconvenient” is our greatest sin as a civilization. Look in the eyes of your own children and imagine if they weren’t given the chance to live. (Please stop for a minute and really think about it.) Imagine all both of you would have missed. Please forgive my graphic scenario, but imagine that precious child being brutally killed. If they weren’t given a chance? What if no one could hear their voice? Would it be easier because you didn’t know them? Again please forgive my harsh example, but this changed it for me personally. I didn’t think of an embryo as a real live human being as a young adult. I’ve grown up and look at life differently, especially as a parent of 4 miracles. Please… I ask you to reconsider the way you might of thought in the past, if you’re on the same page with me, thank you! I’ve asked God to forgive me and will do all I can to to give the future children a fighting chance to enjoy all we have been given in this wonderful life.

    God bless you and thank you for reading.

    Gary Kelley

  3. My sincere thanks to all of you that voted and supported my efforts in
    the pro life poetry contest. They had over 600 submissions in three different categories. Last I saw my entry was in fourth place before the voting was cut off. Anyway, although I didn’t win, it was a great opportunity to get out the message of life to so many! Thanks again 🙂

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