Vargas Dominos: Been there, done that

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Today’s print edition of the U-T San Diego (online yesterday) includes a story about the “domino effect” a Juan Vargas congressional victory would (will) have on those potentially vying for his current Senate seat, the area’s Assembly seat should Ben Hueso win in a Senate contest, and down the line to San Diego City Council.  Names like labor leader Lorena Gonzalez and Councilman David Alvarez are mentioned.

Read the U-T piece here.

Rostra pretty much provided the same scenarios over three months ago, in late March. My blog entry was called “Vargas Dominos.”

You may read the Rostra post here.

Credit to U-T reporter Christopher Cadelago for including in his story some possible candidates I didn’t mention in the Spring.


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  1. So here is where this assembly special election scenario could get really interesting: who do right-of-center groups support in a Gonzales-Alvarez-Gonzalez election? The Lincoln Club could be a big player if one of the candidates gives them a reason to be.

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