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I have an update  on my efforts to reform the pensions at City Hall – and want to alert you of  a few potential roadblocks we must confront.

As you know, pension reform is my top priority because every dollar we save from pension reform can be put back into restoring the neighborhood services we’ve lost in the past decade.

In the June election, San Diego voters overwhelmingly approved the pension reform solution that Mayor Sanders and I devised and collaborated on with a coalition of civic groups.  Our Prop B carried 66% of the votes – winning every single City Council District and winning Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

Unfortunately, government employee unions are now trying to overturn the will of the voter.

First, a court hearing is being held this morning on a lawsuit filed by the government unions seeking to get a court restraining order barring the Mayor and City Council from implementing Prop B.

This delaying tactic from the government employee unions could not only postpone the will of San Diego voters who overwhelmingly passed Prop B, it could also have detrimental effects on San Diego’s budget.

Second, government unions are also pushing Sacramento politicians to consider passing legislation to attempt to invalidate portions of Prop B.  Mayor Sanders has already put the legislature on notice that San Diego opposes this legally dubious effort to thwart the will of San Diego voters.

Finally, the upcoming November election will largely determine whether San Diegans will receive the full pension reform they deserve.  My opponent, Bob Filner, opposes Prop B and has released a plan to borrow billions of dollars to continue the unsustainable pension payouts at City Hall.  That’s the kind of failed financial policies that got us in the mess in the first place.


Contact the City Council and urge them to move quickly to implement Prop B.  You can access their information at www.SanDiego.gov

Write a letter to the editor of local papers, including UT San Diego.  Let’s keep our neighbors engaged!

Finally, please help my campaign for Mayor.  You can sign up to support or donate at www.CarlDeMaio.com

Working together we will resolve this decade-long pension nightmare for taxpayers, and get funds back into our neighborhood services where they belong!

Thank you!



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