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Some thoughts while spending a few days away…

Neither Travis Allen nor John Cox can beat Gavin Newsom in the general election, nor can either beat any Dem for that matter.

Only Cox has a chance to make it past the primary. It now increasingly looks like he’ll be number two next Tuesday.

Having him on the ballot in November, despite his inability to win, will help drive voter turnout and thus assist the gas tax repeal and down ballot races. 

Donald Trump’s endorsement of Cox, even after Cox opposed Trump in 2016, is about one thing — holding onto GOP seats in Congress. 

I was actually surprised by the endorsement. If Trump had decided on an endorsement the way he tweets, emotionally, it wouldn’t have happened. It appears he actually listened to strategy and put aside any feelings about Cox, in an overall effort to help in Congressional races. 

In the Darrell Issa seat for instance, the Republican candidate in November may have problems against the Democrat selection. Yet a GOP governor nominee and the gas tax; those things will work together to assist in a district like the 49th.

In a perfect world, the GOP would be able to drive turnout without a gubernatorial nominee on the ballot. But, that’s not the real world. No party, Rep or Dem, would ever have the financial wherewithal to do alone what the synergy of like interests can do together.

Cox is the only candidate that can realistically make that happen for Republicans.

I will now head back to the pool, in a foreign country. The Travis Allen folks can’t touch me there.


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  1. It is infinitely entertaining watching so many diehard Tim Donnelly 2014 fans suddenly see how much damage a populist gubernatorial candidate will do to down-ballot Republicans, suddenly now on board with establishment Cox. It’s the right conclusion to come to, but it makes you wonder why things were so different 4 years ago. Perhaps it was Mr. Kashkari’s foreign-sounding name. Mr. Qudrat in CA-52 is experiencing that now, with all the Sharia Law/secret Muslim nonsense. Carry on.

  2. @Vance,

    Too many margaritas to care… kidding.

    I didn’t take it that way. But, great point. The politics of perceived ethnic and religious differences is both intriguing and frustrating.

  3. Remaining ever optimistic that a Republican can win in November. John Cox is the RIGHT choice and if we can sway Dems to vote for him we just might see an R in the Governors mansion. #VoteJohnCoxforGovernor #Republican #Unity #California

  4. Travis is a good conservative and is my friend. I hear what you are saying. But I will still vote for Travis on Tuesday.

  5. Hi Barry – I have to respectfully disagree with part of your statement.
    …”Neither Travis Allen nor John Cox can beat Gavin Newsom in the general election, nor can either beat any Dem for that matter…”
    1 – John Cox, touted as businessperson like Meg Whitman and Neel Kashkiri do not convey the right message to resonate with most California voters. Thus he could not win.
    2 – Travis Allen in promising to provide CA with the best education system in the nation and stop Common Core, is the game changer in this race.
    He could beat Gavin Newsom or any other Democrat for that matter.
    CA would be nation’s leader in education and our system copied by all instead of being ranked 47 out of 50 states.
    In the 5 month general election period,
    every voter (including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles in ALL parties) will become aware of this game changing education solution, along with his plan for fiscal sanity.
    Travis would get the their votes and their gratitude. That is how he wins the general election.
    But the reason for us Republicans to vote for John Cox is that he is endorsed by Pres Trump ? That he is a businessman? ie Meg Whitman,Neel Kashkiri?
    Are we not a little short sighted?
    After talking to a couple of Democrat parents at Home Depot this weekend and handing them a flyer, about Travis’s education plan including stopping Common Core, they became more open to the idea of actually voting for a Republican, as most parents would.
    If you have not voted yet today,
    PLEASE GET DOWN TO THE POLLS and vote for Travis Allen ! the race is too close to call.
    It was announced on the news yesterday – if you are an eligible voter, you can register and vote today. By voting for Travis, you do a huge favor for our current students and next generation. Thank you !

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