UPDATE: Dave Allan will NOT challenge Dianne Jacob for SD Supervisor in 2012

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Councilman   Dave  Allan

Barry Jantz reports he was contacted by La Mesa councilman Dave Allan today. The La Mesa lawmaker has re-considered and will NOT run for SD County supervisor, 2nd district, against incumbent Republican Dianne Jacob.

Barry served 6 years on the La Mesa city council with Mr. Allan, so the credibility level is very high.

Barry’s full report is here:

Allan will now not run for Supervisor


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  1. This is funny. I’ve been writing friends today saying that Allan would do a poll and change his mind about running.

    I was probably wrong. I doubt he even did a poll before — as George says above — he “saw the handwriting on the wall.”

    All in all, an incredibly foolish idea for Allan. It’s doubtful that with his documented strong support for government labor unions (and the fact that he’s owned by them) that he could ever be elected to any higher office in conservative East County.

    In essence, he just bumped into his own self-constructed glass ceiling.

  2. I see the writing on the wall for anyone to run against Supervisor Dianne Jacob. They would just be wasting money if they chose to run against her. She’s unbeatable and a really savvy person. She’s also a very nice lady.

  3. Dave Allen would have to be suicidal to take on a conservative sitting incumbent with high approval ratings. Don’t know if he has a God sized ego that blinded him to reality or someone hit him hard upside the head with a HUGE 2×4. For his sake I am glad it worked. That trial balloon was made out of 100% lead. Bet the unions put him up to it.

  4. Few people have worked so hard, and for so long, to build San Diego’s conservative movement than BECKEE HANDRICH !

    It is great to hear from you, Beckee, and please post your
    further comments and news updates here in the future.

  5. Dave’s burning issue is fire protection – specifically more funding from the county and less pressure on cities to foot the bill for firefighting.

    He scoffed at the suggestion that he’d been recruited by a union and denied it point blank when I interviewed him. He strikes me as a straight shooter and I believe he simply realized after talking with political experts how difficult a race against Dianne Jacob would be–and how many other issues there are that he’d need to get up to speed on if he ran.

    He’d rather stay where he is and focus on the issue he cares most about: improving fire protection for our region.

  6. He may have been able to get some union support. However, he was not recruited by anyone but himself.

  7. Given the attitudes reflected above, it’s little wonder she keeps winning. In fact, Diane Jacob will play which ever side best suits her needs–one moment a staunch conservationist, the next an outspoken champion of property rights–she is, in short, nothing more/nothing less than the archetypal politician.

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