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  1. I don’t get this strategy. Forced to bet, I would predict neither local 145 (firefighters) or POA (police) are going to find enough consensus to endorse in this race. Just too many “friends” to push in the chips in June. But Bonnie’s/Jen Tierney’s misread of the current state of voter-union “love” in San Diego is going to cost her with the conservative chattering class.

    Here is another bet. The more than Bonnie and Nathan cotton up to the Public employee unions the harder and harder it is going to be for Tony K to hold to a “no endorsement” policy at the central committee. Now I would want some decent odds on that (3 to 1; 4 to 1) but if Kehoe and Filner both get in and polling shows they even have a ghost of a chance of finishing 1-2 the pressure is going to mount to get behind ONE conservative candidate.

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