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I love San Diego.  I’m very grateful to have been given the privilege of serving as its mayor for eleven years.  During my administration, the phrase, “America’s Finest City” was more than a slogan.  It was the goal and mission statement that drove every decision we made.  Our city continues to offer such great  promise, but it will need strong, enlightened leadership to realize its full potential.

That’s why I’m supporting Nathan Fletcher for mayor of San Diego.    He has the judgment, energy, and integrity to deliver on that promise. He represents a new generation of leadership we need to solve unsolved problems and triumph over new challenges.

Being mayor demands the leadership qualities  Nathan has in abundance.  He is tough-minded and will make tough decisions.  His skills and experience prepare him well to be the Chief Executive of San Diego.  Nathan’s experience in preparation for this office is much like my own.  We both served in the Marines, and then in the state Legislature.  I was only a little older than Nathan when I ran for mayor. The Marine Corps taught me to lead and to make tough decisions under pressure.  Nathan’s Marine career put him in a leadership position at the tip of the spear in our nation’s fight against international terrorism, and his record of distinguished service confirms he learned those lessons well and performed admirably.

The state Legislature taught me  the consensus-building skills I utilized to get things done after I was elected mayor.  The same has been true in spades for Nathan, who brilliantly  brought together an unlikely coalition of Democrats and Republicans to secure passage of Chelsea’s Law, along with  his many other legislative accomplishments.  But perhaps the most important characteristic that Nathan and I share is a core belief that our city is destined for greatness.

When I initiated San Diego’s downtown redevelopment, nay-sayers said we were wasting our time; that a vibrant center city and sunny, laid-back San Diego just couldn’t be reconciled.   The evidence to the contrary is now on display for everyone to see.   Many of those same people said San Diego would never be able to counter Southern California suburban sprawl and sensibly manage growth.  But we adopted one of the nation’s first and most successful growth management plans, providing much better, more efficient, and less costly delivery of essential city services.  Nathan shares my belief that innovation, fresh ideas and a willingness to think outside the box are critical to moving our city forward.

That’s why I know he will be a great mayor for our great city.

I am proud to be part of his team.

I hope you will join our effort and not only endorse Nathan Fletcher for Mayor, but make a contribution to his campaign.

Semper Fi,

Governor Pete Wilson


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  1. Your boondoggle decisions to take employees off of social security and medicare among others are still costing this City.

    Pardon me if you endorsement is worse than meaningless.

  2. I recall that MEDALLION bumper sticker as an ocean lifeguard…..all of the city jeeps displayed it proudly…..and it was the truth……WE were the finest city…..alas we have had a bad run of inept mayors and criminals on the council…

    Pete Wilson is iconic………..Hooah for my favorite Hoorah

  3. As Mayor, Pete Wilson was a middle-of-the-road Republican
    who always took care of the Downtown financial powers.
    That describes Fletcher as well. No surprise Pete would
    endorse someone with a familiar pedigree.

  4. I wouldn’t blame Wilson for the city’s financial troubles. Mayors – Susan Golding and Dick Murphy – and councils since him bear the blame for promising what the city couldn’t afford.

    Much of what Wilson said about previous downtown redevelopment is true. I’m old enough to remember when Horton Plaza’s sales were for drugs and hookers.

    However, that doesn’t mean more downtown projects continue to be a good idea, particularly when the city can’t afford it. Let’s wait at least until the city truly solves its debt problem before venturing there.

    I know mayors like to leave their legacy on shiny new buildings with their names on them, but putting San Diego in good financial shape for the foreseeable future should be a higher priority for the next mayor and council.

  5. @Really Pete? Why is it that most of the worse naysayers do so from the cover of an anonymous post? I mean really if you have a position, take a stand and have the courage to put your name on it. I’ve never posted anonymously. I guess that’s just my marine side speaking.

    Anyways as someone not old enough to remember Governor Wilson’s mayorship, I can only speak from what I have read and that is he earned a considerable amount of respect for being a good mayor, senator and governor, and that comes from both sides Democrat and Republican.

    As a marine veteran I respect Governor Wilson’s life and word, as well as his endorsement. It is significant that one of the last and most successful Republicans in this state has endorsed Nathan Fletcher for Mayor.

    Semper Fidelis Governor!

    -Will Rodriguez-Kennedy

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