Union-Trib names Richard Rider and Larry Stirling as two top Carl DeMaio mayoral backers

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Another sign of SD Rostra’s growing influence … two men often heard from in these pages (Judge Larry Stirling and Hon. Richard Rider) are the two featured supporters in a U-T description tonight of the Carl DeMaio mayoral campaign.  Read their hard-hitting quotes here.

Judge Stirling says only DeMaio proposes a series of reforms that will balance the City budget without eliminating vital services.  Rider praises Councilman DeMaio as principled and incorruptible and a breath of fresh air in City politics.

Other key backers mentioned are Jerome Navarra of Jerome’s Furniture,  former SD City Councilman Fred Schnaubelt (who also served District 5), Cecilia Moreno of Crest Cafe, and Gina Champion-Cain of American National Investments.

Hat  tip to reporter Craig Gustafson for a fine story, which also profiles Nathan Fletcher , Bonnie Dumanis and Bob Filner.


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  1. Republican political consultant John Dadian, who isn’t involved in the race, said endorsements have their role in campaigns as they provide potential donors with more information as they decide to write checks.

    “Endorsements are not going to win you the race, but endorsements are more important earlier in the campaign than they are later in the campaign,” he said.

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