Two Weeks Ago, Richard Rider Filed Paperwork with Law Enforcement, Calling for Investigation of Filner-Sunroad “Pay-to”Play” $100,000 “Donation” to City

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters 4 Comments


On about 24 June, I submitted a written “call for investigation” to various law enforcement agencies, concerning the Filner-Sunroad Pay-to-Play $100,000 “donation.”  Included in my submission was a significant workup of the issues, and a number of informal exhibits were provided (all included or linked below).

I’ve since discovered that I’m not the only one to submit such a request.  Retired judge Larry Stirling beat me to it, which is a GOOD thing!  Maybe someone else filed such a request as well.

I chose not to announce it at the time, as I didn’t want to become part of the issue.  But now that the FBI is indeed investigating, my minor role (if any) is no longer going to be a factor for law enforcement, which is as it should be.

But the rationale and exhibits I submitted were voluntarily put together for me with considerable effort by an attorney who wishes to remain anonymous. That researched material, while prepared for law enforcement, may be useful to those who want to delve deeper into this legal matter.

Hence I’m now sharing that. Here’s my submitted request, with a link to where the exhibits are stored online:

FROM:  RICHARD RIDER, a private citizen of the city of San Diego

Based on the information below, it seems to me that it’s time for area prosecutors in San Diego to investigate whether or not San Diego Mayor Bob Filner’s “pay-to-play” is legal. According to reports, last month he may have forced Sunroad Centrum, a San Diego developer, to pay $100,000 in return for the Mayor’s promise to urge the City Council to override the Mayor’s own veto of a grant of easement needed by Sunroad.

Were the actions of the Mayor illegal? Was a crime committed?  I have no idea.  I’m not an attorney, and claim no legal expertise in the matter. But that’s what I am asking of local prosecutors – check the facts, consider the laws and determine if a criminal act has occurred.

NOTE: To see my summary and the documents referenced, go to this link for my blog.


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  1. So what are the scenarios here and how it affects 2014? Filner indicted? resigns? recall?

  2. Filner need not leave office unless he is CONVICTED. Indictment is not enough. But he can resign anytime (perhaps to spend more time on

    Otherwise, a recall is the way to go. Easier said than done, of course. IF we had a recall in 2014, there’s no way Filner would survive.

    There’s not enough labor union money in the COUNTRY to change that inevitability. And they probably know it.

  3. Just curious, who would we have to replace Filner? Demaio is committed, Nathan Fletcher cant switch parties again. Considering the last major recall, Chuck Norris should run. He could get 1000000000000% of the vote. But seriously………..

  4. Joe, it will be a full field, as people get to run without giving up their current office (more than likely). Hence expect to see Kevin Faulkener, Todd Gloria (a Dem who can run as anti-Filner), maybe Jan Goldsmith, and at least a half dozen other ‘lesser’ candidates — and maybe a couple surprises we can’t anticipate (Steve Francis?).

    We shall see.

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