Tony Krvaric on the ‘State of the Union’ Spending theme— “Hit the Brakes, not Cruise Control, Mr. President.”

Jim Sills Jim Sills


Tony Krvaric, Head Coach of San Diego’s Republican Team, watched President Obama’s State of the Union address before Congress, and offers these reflections on its content:

“The President tried to rebrand himself as a fiscal conservative tonight, after a two year spending spree of unprecedented proportions, to position himself for re-election in 2012. Tax simplification, earmark bans, and budget freezes are simply not enough.

“We need to completely eliminate bureaucratic waste, provide regulatory and pension reform, and most important, stop these reckless stimulus and spending plans and give job creators the freedom and stability to create sustainable jobs now.

“Rebranding government spending as “investments” is not only disingenuous but suggests that the problems we face are because government has not spent ENOUGH. This quote from former president Ronald Reagan has never rang more true: ‘Govenment is not the solution to our problems. Government IS the problem.’

“Our country demands spending cuts – not a freeze. Our country demands less government – not more. When your car is heading towards a cliff, you hit the brakes – not cruise control. Fancy rhetoric will not turn America around and tonight we saw that the president still doesn’t get it.”



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