Tony Kranz: Poor Judgement, No Respect, Combative, and Temperamental

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I can’t quite tell. Incumbent Encinitas City Council candidate Tony Kranz is giving the finger, but…

Is it to…

Tony Kranz giving the finger

Tony Kranz giving the finger

1- The taxpayers when he paid three times appraised value for the Pacific View Elementary School (he really wanted a taxpayer-funded arts center overlooking the ocean)?
2- Small businesses when he threatened them with a boycott if they displayed signs of his competitors?
3- Free speech by assaulting protesters and ripping signs out of their hands?
4- Encinitas citizens by defacing public property?
5- The concept of fairness by ripping down competitors’ signs?
6- The City Council when he started putting his signs up early?
7- The citizens when he brought Occupy Wall Street people into town?


You decide but know that Tony Kranz has his middle finger up at almost everyone…he plans to do what he damned well pleases.


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