TONIGHT: 53rd District Congressional Debate

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From KCBQ’s Rick Amato…

Join me in person tonite (Monday) as I take the show on the road and moderate a debate among Republican candidates in California’s 53rd congressional district.

The candidates are: Michael Crimmins, Matt Friedman and Mason Weaver.  The seat is currently held by far-left, Democratic Congresswoman Susan Davis.

The venue is The Veteran’s War Museum in San Diego’s Balboa Park.  Estimated start time is 6:30pm.  The public is STRONGLY encouraged to attend and PARTICIPATE in the questioning of candidates.

The debate is being sponsored by the Independence Caucus (NOT to be confused with the Independent 3rd party).  The Independence Caucus is a start up group which endorses candidates who possess the traits of: fiscal conservatism, limited gov’t and adherence to the US Constitution. The I-C was instrumental in getting a first time candidate elected in a recent Utah congressional race.

The I-C will announce their endorsement among candidates from tonite’s debate on Jan. 15.

The debate will also later be broadcast on The Rick Amato Show on Tuesday night.


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  1. Are there any legit candidates expected to get in the race? From looking at the current crop, you have an already lost (Crimmons), a no-name (Freidman) and some radio host I have never heard of (Mason).

    Anyone that NRCC will be putting money behind?

  2. Post

    Good time for the contenders to use Rostra to state their credentials.

  3. Mason Weaver had a lengthy talk show career in San Diego
    a few years back. IIRC, he appeared on both KOGO and
    KCBQ. He was a popular favorite.

    Not taking sides on this primary, just saying Mason Weaver
    is credible.

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