Tom Del Beccaro: The Trump economy is roaring — Biden’s attempt to take credit for it is economic plagiarism

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On the Fox News website, Tom Del Beccaro analyzes who deserves credit for the current strong economy benefitting all Americans. It’s not Joe Biden.

“Joe Biden has a history of plagiarism. So much so that he dropped out of his first presidential run over that and his false comments about his grades. Apparently, he didn’t do too well in economics class either as he tries to give himself and Obama high grades for an economic recovery that belongs to President Trump.

“Economics, at its heart, is common sense and not that difficult. One of its foundational principles, known as the law of demand, is that the more something costs, the less of it you get. When that is applied to cars, for instance, you can understand why more Fords are sold than Rolls-Royces.

“That foundational concept also applies to houses, jobs, income and the economy as a whole.”

Read it all at Fox News.


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  1. Look at the numbers of Obama’s last four years and compare them to Trump’s. There is no significant difference. The main change is how Fox is framing it. Sean Hannity said that Obama had the worst job participation ratio in history while Trump has the best in history. I looked up the actual figures and the difference is about one percent. When Obama was pres. Fox people said the numbers were phony yet today’s numbers come from the exact same sources. At least today I don’t have to hear them bitching about how much golf the pres. is playing.

  2. “I looked up the actual figures and the difference is about one percent.”

    That figure would interest me, Paul. I don’t disbelieve you but would be interested in drilling down on this. Baby boomers have been retiring since 2010 so the labor participation rate seems like an easy number to game.

  3. Thanks. HQ– that’s helpful.

    I would have expected the labor participation rate to decline big from 2018-2015 (Boomers start retiring) and start stabilizing as the youngest Millennials turn 19 (2015). As expected, the labor participation rate has been a political tool to be used (gamed).

    The real challenge comes in 2020, when the centennials start entering the market. If it doesn’t climb back to 65 by 2025, we have a problem

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