This Article Is About Racism. If You Do Not Like It, Maybe You Too Are A Racist!

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By now, everyone is familiar with the charge that Arizona’s new immigration law is racist. So now, when a state decides to enforce a federal law about people needing to enter our country legally, rather than illegally, somehow this is racist. According to the latest CBS poll, 61 percent of Americans agree with the new law. Wow! That’s a lot of racism. How oh how did so many of those same racists put our first African-American president into office?

We ought not be surprised. Supposedly, anyone connected with Tea Parties is also a racist. And lest we lose track, let us take a moment to review other racist charges, which evolved over the years.

-If you believe in school vouchers, you’re a racist. Never mind that vouchers have often given African-Americans trapped in poorly government run inter-city schools a chance for a better education at a private school and never mind that President Obama himself sends his kids to a private school. None of that matters. If you believe in vouchers, you’re a racist.

-If you want to call the Muslim terrorists, “Muslim Terrorists”, because that’s what they actually happen to be, and because their religion is their own stated motive for their acts of terror, you’re a racist. Never mind that Islam is a religion and not a race. Never mind that the most vile, anti-Semitic comments have been offered lately in the name of Islam and can also be found in the Koran along with anti-Christian statements.

-If you believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, you are a hate filled homophobe and since sexual preference is being compared to race, and since gay activism is being compared to the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement, and since homosexuals say they were born than way just as African-Americans are born black, well then clearly, CLEARLY if you cannot embrace the gay movement, you are a racist!

-If you object to “a woman’s right to choose,” you are more than a mere chauvinist because women have been persecuted just like other minorities. Therefore, you once again land in the Racist Square. Please draw one penalty card.  Never mind that the unborn baby inside is being deemed less of a life based upon size, shape, and appearance. That of course, is not a bigoted or prejudiced way of viewing life.

Oh yes, here are a few more:

-If you don’t believe in government-mandated health care, you are a racist because obviously all white people already have health care.

-If you don’t believe in animal rights, you are too human centric and therefore a racist.

-If you support Capitalism rather than redistribution of wealth, you support a system that only takes care of Whitey and you are a racist.

-If you want to call people like Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan racists for their anti- Semitic and anti -white rhetoric, remember, people of color can never be racists because they don’t have the power or wealth and you do. (Yeah, you heard me correctly; Wright and Farrakhan have no power and no wealth) In any event, to call a person of color racist is to be a racist yourself.

-If you do not recognize the truth that all white people are racist, if you want to claim that you were not brought up that way, it makes you so ignorant and so much in denial, that you are especially racist!

In summary: Anyone who wins an argument with the Politically Correct, backing them into a corner where they cannot defend their positions with actual facts, IS A RACIST!!!

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