The Wheels Come Off High Speed Rail

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Leave a Comment


FINALLY major MSM has started reporting the bogus nature of the HSR projections that suckered the voters into approving the $10 billion CA HSR bond. Here’s an excellent article from the LA TIMES, no less!
(a better link to the article than going directly to the TIMES, and includes interesting comments)

Recently I posted a column here I wrote (published in two newspapers that I know of) about why terrorists will love CA HSR.

Naturally a couple HSR advocates engaged me in comments on Rostra, and a lively (if little read) online discussion has resulted.

I encourage you all to waste your time following my exchange with HSR fan Jerome Stocks, a Leucadia politician who enthusiastically supported retroactive public employee unfunded pension increases. Jerome’s gullibility, reasoning and ridiculing attitude are in a way as illuminating as my pearls of wisdom — one needs to understand the LACK of reasoning and healthy skepticism underlying this HSR push.


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