The San Diego Union Tribune: “GOP aims to ‘harvest’ ballots as well in 2020”

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From The San Diego Union Tribune –

Democrats last year took advantage of a new California law that greatly expanded the universe of who can pick up mail ballots from voters and deliver them to election officials. Republicans did not and they paid for it.

GOP leaders raised suspicions about so-called “ballot harvesting,” even suggesting with no evidence that it may have been conducted fraudulently. But some Republican strategists expressed grudging admiration that the Democrats got the drop on them and are promising it won’t happen again.

Even as they continue to criticize how Democrats used the tactic, Republicans are mapping out their own ballot-harvesting plans for next year’s election.

Republican Carl DeMaio said he intends to launch a ballot-collecting operation for his March primary campaign in the 50th Congressional District, where he and others are taking on GOP incumbent Duncan Hunter.


DeMaio said he doesn’t like it, either, and is suspicious of how Democrats deployed ballot harvesting last year. But he stressed Republicans must fight fire with fire, and added a shot at GOP leadership while doing so.

“They were way ahead of the curve,” DeMaio said of Democrats. “. . . Republicans were running 1980s campaigns.”

Democrats are seeking to expand ballot harvesting around the country while Republicans say they want to stop it.

Meanwhile, in California at least, Republicans aim to see if they can beat Democrats at their own game.




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