The long-awaited Filner pension reform plan — still awaits

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Excellent Voice of San Diego article, with a Filner pension reform timeline worth reviewing.

Filner’s Pension Plan Is a Non-Existent Panacea
by Liam Dillon

14 March, 2012

San Diego mayoral candidate Bob Filner’s pension plan is his panacea.

It allows him to claim he’ll fix the city’s longest standing financial crisis, its debt-ridden pension system. It puts $550 million into the city’s day-to-day operating budget over the next 10 years, he says, money that can fix potholes and improve public safety. Its success even will allow him to establish credibility in city government, enough to eventually ask San Diegans to approve new taxes.

There’s just one problem. Filner’s plan doesn’t exist yet.

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  2. Ohhhhh Mr. Rider, are you sure? A Dem that will be led by union bosses? Tell me it ain’t so!

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    Ms. Right — in times past (not so long ago), sadly our local “nonpartisan” GOP politicians (city council, school boards, etc.) too often did the bidding of the labor union bosses — in exchange for political support (or, to be precise, a lack of political opposition).

    I found that frequently I could not tell from the positions and responses from city council members (various local cities) which were the Democrats, and which were the Republicans.

    The good news is that this sad similarity is today less frequently the case, as more GOP office holders are developing backbones. And the local GOP leadership is seeking more fiscally responsible office holders.

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