The labor unions’ HUGE secret political tax loophole

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Undesignated 1 Comment


California Prop 32 would end political payroll deductions for corporations and labor unions.  Both sides are spending millions on this measure (with the “no” side — all union money — spending MANY millions MORE against it).

But here’s a point that’s seldom mentioned — even by Prop 32 supporters.  Labor union dues are 100% tax deductible.  About 75% of union dues are used (directly or indirectly) for politics.

Hence unions and their members advocate and contribute with PRE-tax dollars, whereas those contributing voluntarily must use AFTER-tax dollars.  Even corporate payroll deductions for politics (which are voluntary and would be banned under Prop 32) are treated as after-tax dollars.

Let’s level the playing field.  ALL political contributions should be with after-tax dollars. End the unions’ huge secret tax loophole.

Vote YES on Prop 32.


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    Here’s union SD POA union mouthpiece Brian Marvel with his thoughtful Twitter response:

    Brian Marvel ‏@BrianMarvel
    @sandiegorostra That was a #Whopper of a story. I think I heard Burger King calling @SD_TaxFighters. They need a new spokesperson.

    Think maybe I hit a nerve??

    Brian, like Biden, is most comfortable with snide Twitter comments. He does NOT like to engage more open and detailed discourse — and wisely so.

    To use the famous Burger King quote — Brian, “Where’s the beef?”

    NOTE: I’ll be indisposed for several hours. Fear not — I’ll be back around 6 PM today (Tuesday).

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