The Evil Alliance

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Tony Krvaric, Bob Filner and T.J. Zane enjoying the Taxpayers Association dinner. Note Congressman Filner’s campaign button.


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  1. Best thing for Fletcher is for Filner to waste his time at events like this. Do you think Filner earned a single vote rubbing elbows with Taxpayer Association insiders last night?

    From Admin: We don’t know if he did. Do you think the other mayoral candidates in attendance — all of them — earned a single vote rubbing elbows with Taxpayer Association insiders last night, all 600 plus of them?

  2. Dear admin:

    No. But those in attendance last night are all supporters of the Republican candidates and The Artist Formerly Known as a Republican. At least there are some fundraising pitches they could make to their supporters during the reception, etc.

  3. At least with Filner you know what you get, and what he stands for. WTF now stands for “What the Fletcher?” and the slogan should be untested * untrusted * unwanted.

  4. Jefferson, I don’t know if what you are saying is true or not, but if it is it says more about those you say do not attend than it does about those you say do.

    “If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people, under the pretense of taking care of them, they must become happy.”- Thomas Jefferson

  5. Uh, more like 900 people there, Admin.

    Jefferson, you could not be more wrong about those who attended last night. There was a healthy serving of Dem and DTS voters present. But it doesn’t matter – Filner will take a random vote here and there from a Republican too. Plenty of them including a GOP pal of mine who met Filner for the first time and was impressed with him. There is a reason he’s never lost an election. He’s won plenty by the skin of his teeth, but it’s still a win.

  6. LL:

    It took a woman – Republican Gloria McColl – to hand Bob Filner his only election defeat, for San Diego city council in 1983.

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