The Disappointing Gingrich-Ethanol Connection

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The Disappointing Gingrich-Ethanol Connection

San Diego – I tend to like Newt Gingrich. An affable guy, his politics more or less dovetail with mine on a number of domestic issues.

In December, I was one of a small group of about 20 local GOP and Tea Party leaders that met with Newt here in San Diego. The meeting lasted over an hour. He queried us on what happened in the 2010 election, and what we were doing this year.

Of course, Gingrich is laying groundwork for a geezer run at President in 2012. The second half of the meeting he told us his issues – issues that unsurprisingly were popular with the folks in the room.

Sadly, this political marriage is not going through – at least for me. It turns out that Gingrich is the type of Republican we don’t need in Congress – or in the White House. While railing against welfare recipients, such Republicans toady up to the Midwest agricultural consortium – seeking farm subsidies that both cost taxpayers billions and drive up consumer prices – for both food and gasoline.

It turns out that Gingrich is a hyper-active, big-time supporter of the insane ethanol subsidy program. It not only drives up prices – it commands motorists to buy a product that few want.

For me, this is a, uh, watershed issue in separating the, uhhh, wheat from the chaff. Or in this case, the corn from the husks.

Fortunately for us free market advocates, Gingrich used a recent speaking engagement back in the Farm Belt to excoriate the WALL ST JOURNAL’s opposition to ethanol subsidies. Bad move. Now we know. Below is the WSJ’s devastating response – the lead editorial from 31 January.

In spite of this huge shortcoming, is Gingrich better than Obama? You bet! But then, the average person selected out of the phone book is better than Obama. Surely the GOP can come up with a better standard bearer than Newt Gingrich.

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