The Anti-Filner Move Has Stalled

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Thank you MIGHTY THOR for letting those of us who drop off for a while continue to post!

I can’t stand it… not saying something… so here we go –

Because of my job and some of my outside duties I’ve been exposed to quite a bit of talk about this Mayoral thing over the last couple weeks. It’s too juicy to let stand.

#1 Over the first part of the scandal Democrats were saying privately that they thought Filner would resign, that Donna Frye and later Assemblywoman Gonzales had the muscle power to make Filner give up. Not the case over the last few days. Now insiders of all stripes are saying Filner probably stays on. In some circles this whole last week weakened Frye and Gonzalez and strengthened Atkins and Kehoe.

#2 Some Democrats are concerned that Saldana suddenly has become a player of sorts. For whatever reason most Democrats/Labor didn’t ever see her as particularly important. Actually, they mocked her, to be honest. Now Saldana has a hard time raising money, but she is positioning herself at an outsider Democrat taking on the party establishment. Not always a bad place to be. Democrats holding office are also freaked out about the whole “I knew but I never said anything” angle from other Democrats not in office or Republicans.

#3 Republican/business insiders appear more bemused than anything over all this. It’s pretty clear they are not going to fund a recall of Filner. The up-and-comers are starting to show who they are. Some pushing back and forth over who is running for what. Some group of businessmen, or a candidate, or the GOP or something polled a few days ago and they seem to feel pretty rosy.


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  1. Explain how Atkins was strengthened while Gonzalez was weakened? Didn’t they both demand that Filner resign?

  2. Not sure. It would seem the press should be tracking down Marco and Cory and finding out “when are you filing?” They are really out on a limb – can you imagine the grief both will take on the left if they don’t ultimately “put up”?

  3. I’ll explain:

    Yes Atkins called for Filner to resign. The difference was Gonzalez CALLED FOR FILNER TO RESIGN and was basically the lead story all over, and all the chatter was she was the nail in his coffin.

  4. North Pole,

    I understand how Atkins may not be weakened as much as Gonzalez, but I don’t understand how she was strengthened.

  5. Our Machiavellian Mayor is playing this out. There could be a deal behind the scenes where the Dems put him on a bigger leash (he’s been abrasive to them as well) in exchange for not backing a recall or really trying to get him to resign.

    It could be this: the Dems roll out all the bad charges against him now – very early in his term. He dodges it and stays in office until election day 3 years from now. The GOP opponent will mention all these charges and the Dems will shrug it off as old news that’s been handled and then point to a litany of hand outs Filner has done since then on why they think he should be re-elected or at least why the democrat brand isn’t bad it was just one apple.

    We may very well see how accountability in politics is losing more and more time with voters that are bombarded with all kinds of distractions on a daily basis. In the Info Age everything is competing for attention (shopping ads, entertainment, etc.) and this scandal may be the case where if the info comes out to soon and the voters can’t act on it then nothing happens.

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