Sen. Rand Paul

Duncan Hunter and the 1.3T Omnibus Spending Bill

Eric Andersen Eric Andersen 4 Comments

In the photo above Sen. Rand Paul holds the 2,232 page budget busting bill that took two hours to print, but I think there’s hope for reform in Washington if we can get just one of our founding ideas right. The self-evident truth that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. This includes …

Natural Law and the Global War on Terrorism: A Response to Jason Jackson

Eric Andersen Eric Andersen 24 Comments

Thank you Jason for such a well thought out response and enjoyable read. I have nothing but respect for you. Not only for your Annapolis academic background but your hours spent reading classical sources.   You’re not only one of the most well-read persons I know, but a gentleman. I will attempt to interact with you using the same format you …

Foreign Policy: Christian Conservative or Progressive Humanist?

Eric Andersen Eric Andersen 31 Comments

A response to Mr. Frank Dowse. In a previous post Frank Dowse took me to task for challenging Congressional candidate Jacquie Atkinson’s foreign policy views. My thoughts below summarize what I see as the distinctives that separate a Christian and a principled policy view from a humanist and progressive one. Who is Frank Douse who goes by the pen name …