Supporting our Seniors in Chula Vista

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Supporting our Seniors in Chula Vista

I was excited to open two new Pickleball courts and do a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Norman Park Senior Center, which is located at 270 F Street. This was part of a $2.4 million investment in the Senior Center. It included adding three Bocce Ball courts and two Pickleball Courts for our seniors to have active healthy recreational opportunities.

The Norman Park Senior Center was built in 1963 after Chet Norman, the City’s first park supervisor. As a lifelong resident, I remember as a young child singing Christmas carols to seniors at the center. 

After 60 years we wanted to upgrade the Senior Center to make it more accessible and worthwhile for seniors to enjoy. The City renovated the flooring, cabinets, kitchen, and added ADA accessible restrooms. Additionally, the Center added a second floor deck, new paint, more furniture, and a new air conditioning system. All these renovations are our commitment to supporting our seniors. 

Meals on Wheels Serving our Seniors

I am proud to have the Meals on Wheels South County service center located in Chula Vista at the Norman Park Senior Center. The Meals on Wheels office is on the second floor of the Senior Center. I was happy to help reopen the newly remodeled Meals on Wheels Center a few months ago. This nonprofit has done a tremendous amount of work serving our seniors by providing nutritious meals and activating their volunteers.

The Center serves more than 300 seniors and has over 90 active volunteers. Along with meal delivery, Meals on Wheels focuses on providing community for those seniors who might be isolated and might not have much interaction with their community. I appreciate all the work that Meals on Wheels does for our City and County. If you would like to volunteer for the Meals on Wheels, please call (619) 420-2782 or go to

Honoring our Seniors

According to the last U.S. Census of 2020, the City of Chula Vista has a population of over 277,000. Of the Chula Vista population, 202,468 are adults and 32,391 are seniors over 65 years old. As Mayor, I intend to represent everyone and do good for my constituents of all ages.

I believe we need to respectfully honor our seniors. Many of our older adults served in our military forces and many played a role in shaping our great City, and it’s my honor to do good for our senior population and repay them for all that they’ve done for our community. As a four-term Councilmember and now your Mayor, I will continue to support and honor our seniors.

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