Strong Closer — GOP ballots now 8.5% ahead of Registration — and +12,879 vs. Democrats among Mail Voters

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Sunday, June 3 countywide data reveals mail ballots now trend 43.7% GOP, outperforming the 35.2% of registration by 8.5%.  Democrats are also ahead, but by only 3.0% (38.3  vs.  35.3%).  Net result is the +12,879 overall GOP mail ballot lead shown in the chart.  When Rostra began following this on May 21, the Rep. lead was just  2 points (41-39).  Now it has topped 5 points  (43.7 to 38.3).  That GOP trend reached a one-day high on Sunday (46.3%  to 36.8).  Mail ballots will comprise over 60% of total primary votes cast.  Republicans are Closing Strong in this vital group.

For the record, Independent Voters make up 23.8% of total registration, but only 14.2% of mail ballots processed to data, a net loss for them of –9.6%.  This is happening despite gallant efforts by former GOP Assemblyman Jeff Marston to get Indys more involved in the electoral process. Rumors and non-credible sources say Jeff may seek a new Game Plan from Marston-fave Bill Parcells.  Stay tuned for more on that.


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