State of the City: Winners and Losers

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So Mayor Sanders gave his final State of the City address last night, and there were certainly some winners and some losers.

First the winners.

  • The three Republican Mayoral candidates were all present and all got shout outs for being there. Good for them.
  • Mayor Sanders, for delivering a solid speech, highlighting success, and handling some outbursts with comedy.
  • The one occupy protester who stood up and led a “mic check”. She had some serious fortitude to interrupt the speech all by herself, and the Mayor’s face was priceless while the camera hung on him as she was escorted out.
  • Tony Young, for getting through all those names without a big stumble.
  • CityTV, for allowing those of us who could not make it downtown to see the speech on TV without editing out the protests.

On to the losers.

  • Bob Filner, who was not in attendance but might claim that he was at some point in the future.
  • Sherri Lightner, who opposes pension reform, the downtown library, the Plaza de Panama project, and the convention center expansion, all of which made up the backbone of the Mayor’s speech. I think Sherri has officially passed DeMaio as the person who opposes the Mayor the most.
  • The rest of the occupy protesters who started strong but quickly faded as, I assume since the camera did not turn, the police moved in for arrests. Where is the commitment?

That is my quick list, what is yours…


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  1. Also on the losers list — freedom. Sanders had the 4 protestors who “mic checked” him charged with felony conspiracy. They were held overnight on $10,000 bail each.

  2. Apparently the “Freedom” of a crowd gathered to hear a peaceful
    speech from a Mayor elected by 116,527 San Diegans [June 2008]
    does not Count! ….In the minds of some people.

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