Stage actors’ union seeking to end stage acting in Los Angeles

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Actors Equity wants to mandate minimum wages for stage actors — which will close most small theatres and nonprofit stage offerings in the Los Angeles area.  Such shoestring operations currently pay their actors $7 to $15 per performance, and zippo for rehearsals.

Most actors are leftists. I say they should have a $15 minimum wage for all their time spent at the theatre (no volunteering).  Or $30!!  Teach them economics with a 2″ x 4″.

I see a real upside in ending their useless acting “careers” and returning them to a more productive sector of the economy.  Many ARE bright and can perform useful work (they make great waiters, of course).

And make the unemployed actors painfully aware that they voted for the minimum wage that put them out of work when they went to the polls!

Union Group Mobilizes “Against” Pay Hike


In what may be a first (otherwise an extreme rarity), a substantial force within a union has mobilized against a pay hike to $9.00 per hour from essentially nothing.

“Nothing” you say? Yes, it happens in small non-profit theaters that pay aspiring actors $7 to $15 per performance. Rehearsal time does not count.

Curiously, but rightfully so, the aspiring actors realize there will be no work at all if they have to get paid $9.00 an hour for acting and rehearsals.

Reader Richard, who works in the film industry writes …

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