Socialism Run Amok

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Somehow I knew this day was coming. The slippery slope toward socialism started many decades ago, but now the pace is blatant, out-in-the-open and rapidly going into a downward spiral.

The dems are running amok and our laws are openly violated and there is no political will to enforce them. A lone voice cries, “What about the Constitution?” and the answer comes as a cynical, knowing laugh combined with the retort that the Founders are out of touch with today’s advanced society. The same, they say, with the Bible. A nation without principles heading rapidly toward its demise.

Why is our Republic dead? The people groan but our elitist rulers do not hear nor care. The people vote and the appointed, anti-American judges rule against them. The Constitution is ignored openly and there are only a few muted cries against it.

Our nation’s sovereignty has been unprotected and floods of illegals are taking hold of our cities and culture. The almighty dollar reigns supreme instead of Almighty God in the hallowed halls of Congress and our homes. The people’s ignorance of our God-given rights and our decades of satiety have caused us to become impotent to moral injustices.

Our Founding Fathers gave everything they had in the cause of Freedom, yet we offer our very children to socialism for some faux security and way-laid idea of tolerance.

In other words, we are reaping what we have sown.

A Republic cannot stand when the people are immoral and their hope is misplaced. That was the belief of the Founders.

Instead of labeling anyone who speaks of the intent of the Founders as an instant “kook”, it is time we listen . Better yet, read the Constitution and our founding documents to discern the intent behind the words.

When we fight back, we must do so armed with the Constitution and the knowledge of our foundations – our inalienable rights, given to us all by our Creator. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Not hope in government or false “rights” proclaimed by socialists.


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  1. Many of us do see and have seen this coming for a long time. Hence, the disarming of it’s citizens is the path those who want to own us are taking right before our eyes.

  2. This is right out of their handbook “Rules for Radicals”. Some of us saw this coming long ago, others have their heads in the sand or are afraid to challenge the left.

  3. The American people are waking up – I just hope it’s not too late. I attended the “March on Washington” September 12th, which was attended by over 2 million people which literally shut down the city. I urge everyone to start saving for the next “March”. Our voices must be heard – join the Tea Party movement and carry a copy of the Constitution with you at all times.

  4. Itchy, we don’t know the answer to why you are blogging about issues you don’t understand, unless you tell us which incompetent city council person you are.

    Come on, issues, not personal attacks.

  5. How true Greg. I have always been of the belief this forum is for like minds to express responsible and meaningful viewpoints, not to disparage others.


  6. And, this forum is even available to “unlike” minds, as long as they do exactly as Bob suggests.

  7. THE GOOD NEWS IS……. that the more the Dems are Dems, the chances for success in 2010/2012 go up!

    THE BAD NEWS IS…… even if the Republican Party got back control of the government, nothing will really change.

    WE HAD OUR CHANCE AND BLEW IT! I don’t know if the Country will trust us again with the power we once had.

  8. Good point Kris –
    Only if the Republican party embraces its principles and turns away from “squishy” moderates can we make a difference. Our only choices usually are between rich out of touch moderates. How about putting up a real live person without a trust fund that believes in principles, freedom and is morally sound?

  9. Great post! The Republicans need to focus on conservative values and the founding principles of our country.

    Someone needs to get out there and really pound the issues home with a strong conservative message and let the chips fall where they may. If you notice, none of the candidates in either party really dig in and take a stand, they waffle and wiggle. We need backbone.

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