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I’ve now heard half a dozen times that various union public safety employees in the Oceanside Recall are walking door to door in fake, pseudo uniforms, while campaigning to Recall Jerry Kern. They are prohibited from wearing their real uniforms while conducting political activity. I asked one of my lawyer friends about this, and he got back to me Tuesday with the opinion that ‘impersonating a public safety official’ could be a crime, since if this is the case, these individuals would, by wearing the pseudo uniforms, be implying that they are on official business when they are not. I’ll offer a SD Rostra Coffee Cup for anyone who gets a clear picture of an individual wearing one of these fake uniforms. Detail adequate to complain is required… including a clear face picture.

PS – various public information requests have now been submitted in regard to the council office of Marti Emerald, with more coming. If they find what they think they are going to find, on a couple fronts, there will be more sobbing in the parking structure.


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  1. I’d take the photo, but I’d be afraid that “Gwen” would come on here and want to know the time of day, what kind of camera I was using, and whether the off-duty cops were actually wearing fake uniforms or just looking like they were wearing fake uniforms.

  2. Great offer! That means I’ll have to order some Rostra coffee mugs. Thanks for the warning. I will Tweet up this offer to our Tweeps on Twitter.

  3. I’ll raise the bets a little here, how about $1000 to anyone who can find a Charles Lowery yard sign with a “Paid for by…” disclosure on it! (Hint: they don’t exist)

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