So What Happened in Assembly Seat 77?

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Before the votes started being counted last night I don’t think that there would have been many readers watching the 77th Assembly seat race that would have thought that Bill Wells would lose. So what happened? My first thought is that maybe Wells didn’t get enough mail out to overcome Brian Jones’ carry over name identification from the Congressional run, and from serving on the local city council. However, since I don’t live in the 77th, I really don’t know for sure. How much mail did the different candidates send? How different were their ballot statements?


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  1. Criticus,

    I think that if you were to put Wells next to Jones in front of each voter and list their respective endorsements its clear Bill wins. The carryover of name recognition from the congressional race may have been a factor, however, I dont think the majority of voters could’ve told you the name of the guy who lost by 60 points two years ago to Duncan Hunter. If there was any name ID advantage it was probably Brian’s bc of his long tenure on city council and his good signage.

    The missing ballot statement certainly did not help the Wells campaign, but at the end of the day if they had effectively communicated their endorsements to voters they would’ve won.

    Congratulations to Brian. Despite my support for Bill during the campaign I think you’ll represent us just fine.


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