Silver Star winner Nick Popaditch files papers, and pledges to “Take the Hill” vs. Bob Filner in 51st Congressional District

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Nick   Popaditch        USA   hero

After surviving the 1st Battle
of Fallujah (2004), and
Desert Storm (1991),
retired Marine Gunnery Sgt.
Nick Popaditch is stepping
forward once again to

Last week Nick pulled
initial papers to seek the
GOP nomination against
incumbent Congressman
Bob Filner (D) in CD 51.

The district is centered on
the South Bay, Chula Vista,
Bonita, National City, Otay
Mesa, includes parts of
East San DiegoCity, then
runs east to Imperial County.

Popaditch won a measure of fame in 2003 when his
unit pulled down Saddam Hussein’s statue in Baghdad
on live TV. An AP photographer snapped a photo of
tank commander Nick Popaditch puffing on a cigar,
while the statue fell in the background ! That photo
went worldwide.

His platform is as straight-forward and strong as the
Candidate himself:

“I’m speaking out for a better America.
Committed to helping our veterans.
Promoting my values as a Marine.
Involved with people and our community.
Join my cause for a better America.
I love my country.”

Limited Government
Strong National defense
Secure Borders
More Jobs in the 51st District


When you take a look at Nick’s face, and his decorations, It is pretty
easy to believe he means every word… especially the part
about loving his Country.

Read more about Nick Popaditch here:


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  1. This proud marine also wrote an OUTSTANDING award winning book called “Once a Marine.” I hear it made the Commandant’s Recommended reading list for all levels. Highly recommended.

    Go get em Gunny!


  2. I am honored to say I have met Nick and his lovely wife April. I am happy to support his effort to “Take the Hill”. How lucky 51st Congressional Dist. would be to have him represent them.
    Also have read his book, a very touching story of survival and the wonderful brave Marines fighting for our Country. Yes, a must read. He definitely has earned the Silver Star.
    Now 51st Dist. get behind him, help him “Take the Hill”

  3. Ms. Mendoza:

    Thank you for your comment !

    Please continue to participate on SD Rostra in
    the future with your reactions and viewpoints.

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