Shaking Up Congress: Carl DeMaio Launches Gen-Next GOP Leaders Fund

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Government reform leader and fundraising powerhouse Carl DeMaio today launched Gen-Next GOP Leaders Fund – a political action committee that will recruit, mentor, and provide financial support to candidates for Congress who are diverse and are committed to advancing a Reform Agenda.

“My goal in founding Gen-Next GOP Leaders Fund is two-fold: to elect more Republican Members of Congress who are committed to our Reform Agenda and to elect Republican Members of Congress that are more diverse and look like America,” said DeMaio.

“Whether it is securing the border, repealing ObamaCare, or cutting wasteful spending, too many Members of Congress run for office promising to advance reform, but when they get into office they fail to deliver,” said DeMaio. “We simply cannot let politicians violate their promises to the grassroots activists and their constituents,” noted DeMaio.

DeMaio also seeks to expand the diversity of Republican Members of Congress by recruiting, mentoring, and funding millennials, women, African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, and LGBT candidates.

“We must counter the false and toxic claims of racism and bigotry being spewed by the liberal media and the Democrat party in these diverse voting blocks,” said DeMaio. “The Republican Party needs to aggressively reach out to diverse communities and to do that we need the right messengers: people who are great on our reform agenda and are from these diverse communities,” noted DeMaio.

To make the Gen-Next GOP Leaders Fund a success, DeMaio plans to tap his grassroots army of volunteers and small-dollar donors. DeMaio has established a Joint Fundraising Committee – the DeMaio Victory Fund – to channel contributions to the Gen-Next GOP Leaders Fund.

In his own campaign for Congress in California’s 50th District, Carl DeMaio broke records for a Republican congressional candidate by raising over $450,000 from grassroots donors in the first 72 hours, with an astounding $250,000 of that coming in the first 24 hours along. More than 5,000 donors contributed just an average of $88.89 each. Showing sustainability, more than 300 grassroots donors contributed twice during the 72 hour period.


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  1. The GOP definitely **DOES NOT** have a problem with race/gender/age/sexual orientation. And that is why Carl is going to fix it.

    That’s what I got from this.

  2. Wow. quite an ambitious Reform Agenda. Please tell me how one Congressman can intimidate all the other 434 Congressmen into giving away all their ‘goodies’ in office and lobby positions after they leave office. Ain’t happening. But I could be wrong.
    And where is he going to find the leaders we need from the millennial age group?
    Out of the hundreds of high school students I have asked over the last 4 -5 years to name our form of government, only 3 of them said ‘Republic. The rest replied ‘Democracy’ or ‘I don’t know’. BTW, those 3 students were homeschooled.
    We need to deal with progressive globalist Common Core agenda indoctrinating our students and not so much social justice. This agenda was exposed in Charlotte Iserbyt’s book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America’.
    So instead of touting school choice, shouldn’t Carl promote the complete replacement of curriculum in all public schools currently controlled by the Common Core globalist agenda?
    Excerpt from Carl’s Reform Agenda…”curriculum should be set by local educators with input from parents – without coercion from the state or federal government…”
    Turning our curriculum over to local educators and school boards won’t work for us as most of them seem to kowtow to the progressive globalist agenda already.
    And before anyone votes for Carl, first find out his response to the article (link below). We need to prevent future mass shootings in America. In fact every American needs to know what the real problems are so we can begin to solve them with the right leadership. Please read. Thank you.

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