Sexually Violent Predator Douglas Badger placement now proposed at RB Golf Course

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A knock-down community fight earlier this year ended with a judge rejecting the State-proposed placement of sexually violent predator Douglas Badger in a Mt. Helix home.

Now, the State of California in its wisdom is proposing Badger’s placement in Rancho Bernardo, by the Country Club and up the street from the Rancho Bernardo Inn.

See the Sheriff’s Department notice, posted this afternoon.

Let the circus commence!

Updated 9/23/21 with additional coverage…

East County Magazine: State seeks placement of sexually violent predator Douglas Badger in Rancho Bernardo; hearing Oct. 29

Reform California: RB Town Hall: Stop the Placement of Sexually Violent Predator in Rancho Bernardo


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  1. This is so absurd! If the County does not follow the CA Law and be part of the solution, these ridiculous proposals will continue! Section 6608.5d states that the County SHALL designate a County agency or program to provide assistance and consultation in the process of locating and securing house in within the county for persons committed as SVP’s’s. Find property next to prisons or conservation camps and put a trailer in and house them there! Stop letting Liberty Healthcare pick these locations by themselves! #KeepOurKidsSafe

  2. A few weeks ago, the Court rejected a request to place another sexually violent predator in a fairway residence on the Borrego Springs Golf Course. All these dangerous felons want is a chance to improve their handicaps.

    It is not fair to deny them that opportunity!

    This seems like a bad joke, but it is actually happening.

  3. Ironically, on Monday, September 20, hearing for SVP Martinez to be placed out in Ranchita, Judge Gill said several times that he told Martinez that he was NOT going to a Country Club! Judge Gill, who is impressed with Liberty Healthcare will go out with them and visit the site before making his final decision.

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