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The “woke” liberal student Left has again raised its head at SDSU with yet another resolution to change the Aztec name and mascot. I have contacted the President of the school directly via her online portal to provide my comments. I share them below should any other alumni see fit to enlighten our university president on the Alumni’s position:

My Statement in Relevant Part Below:

Madam President,

I was recently informed of the Student Senate passing a resolution that will be sent to your office for a change of SDSU’s Aztec mascot. I wish to comment on that resolution and do so below.

I am a proud alum of SDSU graduating in 1992 with my degree in Business Finance (Real Estate emphasis). I was a nationally ranked athlete on the Men’s Track and Field team. Yes, we had a men’s team back then that was cut my final year. I was also an officer in my Fraternity. I went on to graduate from law school, run not only an award winning legal practice but a professional sports agency over the last 25 years. I also hold elected office as a local school board Trustee. I am a “Lifetime” member of the SDSU Alumni Association and have helped to raise several $100,000s for the school in various capacities, specifically as a board member to the Marshall Faulk Foundation for 8 years. In addition to the forgoing, my wife, brother and father all attended SDSU. My brother for his BS in Business Marketing and then as a graduate student earning Magna Cum Laude in his MBA program.

In short, SDSU and the pride of being an “Aztec” is ingrained in my core. It is ingrained in my family’s core. My youngest daughter, 13 years old, wants to attend SDSU. She has been going to football games since she was 6 weeks old. She wears the Red and Black proudly on a regular basis.

Efforts by students to change the Aztec name have come and gone. In 2017-2018 there was considerable time and effort placed into the review of just such an effort. The acting President of the university at that time sided with keeping the Aztec name with some modifications to how it is depicted. I believe you supported that decision. I hope you still do.

The world is not to be run by 18-21 year olds with passion but lacking perspective. On this I also hope we can agree. The alumni, whom overwhelmingly support the Aztec name and image, should be the sounding board and basis for any changes. Given that the alumni do not want this change, none should be forthcoming.

I am available to meet with you, or staff, anytime should that be desired in furtherance of this conversation.

Very Truly,

J.P. “Jim” Miller, Jr., Esq.
SDSU Class of 1992

Contact the President yourself here:


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  1. This isn’t the first rodeo on this mascot issue. Even before 2017, several self anoited Aztec descendents (there are no such descendents alive) during President Weber’s tenure demanded removal of Montezuma etc. Polls were taken in the Community, Alumni, Student Body and Faculty and a sizable majority of all of these groups supported the existing name and mascot. ONLY the AS Council supported the complainants. As a result, Weber appointed a committee and they “modified” The warrior mascot. The University has much bigger fish to fry and should bury this issue. Resurrection of this will result in a Community backlash and a reduction of donations. Quit beating a dead horse .

  2. In reading this I was stunned that so many basic English skills were either ignored or were simply not within this writer’s area of expertise. Example “my Fraternity”…no need to capitalize fraternity because it is not being used as a proper noun. Second, you cannot graduate yourself – you are graduated – sentence should have said,”I went on to be graduated…” Again, no concept of proper/common noun rule with the “school board Trustee” moniker – Trustee does not need to be capitalized. 100,000’s – needs an apostrophe; magna cum laude is not capitalized; acting President – uh, should be acting president; The alumni, “who” not whom; very truly – should never be very Truly… do not capitalize Truly. I am very saddened that a member of a local school board makes so many basic mistakes in his native language…I again offer remediation services. I will tutor free of charge. Why? Because anyone mentioning that he or she is a member of a school board…well, to me it seems more than problematic when that person does not have elementary English skill sets. Sigh. Oh, and by the way, if I really want to be pedantic, it should always be a set of NOT ONLY BUT ALSO. When one voices an opinion piece, he or she should at least have a decent proofreader on call…in this case, at all times. Native speakers should know their language; these mistakes are simple elementary skills gone awry. An adult should not randomly sprinkle capitalized words throughout an opinion piece. The sentence structure of this opinion piece is less than noteworthy; I am not even going there. With all this constructive criticism eagerly offered above, I do want to thank the author of this opinion piece for one dominant hysterical sentence which had me rolling in the aisles: “The ‘woke’ liberal student Left has again raised its head at SDSU with yet another resolution to change the Aztec name and mascot.” Wonder from where those talking points came? Woke liberal student Left…what is it Jim, Woke Liberal Student Left or Woke liberal student Left? You might want to revisit the rules of basic capitalization. Your preface was more than entertaining. My point, no matter what you are attempting to express, your views become tarnished with the consistent misuse of the English language. GET SOME HELP.

  3. Mr. Miller, here is where we differ. I received my BA from Westminster College (Titans), my MA and CA teaching credential from National University (no mascot), my administrative credential from SDSU (Aztecs) and did some additional post graduate work at UCSD (King Triton). I am also of Italian and Greek heritage. I watched last year as Columbus statues, as well as many others, were torn down across the country (or taken down like in Chula Vista) and wondered to myself, when will SDSU change their mascot. You see, from my time as a history educator, I remember that the Aztecs were war-mongering, slave holding, misogynistic, human sacrifice proponents.

    Whereas Columbus statues represent the achievements of Italian Americans, I didn’t see anyone in San Diego, nor California for that matter, stand up and say that, though in New York, Philly, etc. they did.

    I say, what is good for the goose, is good for the gander. Remove the Aztec mascot and logo from a state university. Of course, if Chula wants to pull their Columbus statue out of storage and put it back up (and San Francisco, etc. want to put new Columbus statues up), then I will drop my opposition. BTW, I am very far from “woke”….just want to fair and even.

  4. While I take no position on the issue at hand, I will opine that no truer words were ever spoken (or written) than “The world is not to be run by 18-21 year olds with passion but lacking perspective.”

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