SD Rostra dying??

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It appears that interest in and activity on this formerly robust blog has dropped dramatically. I suspect that there is more to it than simple GOP post-election blues or holiday slowdown (I see other conservative/libertarian political blogs still quite active).

Here’s one reason we should consider — the HOURS-long delay in posting comments. I imagine that many people lose interest in such blogs when updates are so seldom.

Yes, the spam must be screened out. And apparently it can’t be automatic (at least on this blog).

I’m looking at posting elsewhere. I AM posting elsewhere. Perhaps others are doing the same.

Any solutions, or other explanations? Thorette? Anyone?


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  1. Sure. We will find a way to address the lag time in posting comments. But, aside from that, readership was at a new high this year. The numbers will be posted soon. Just like the last three years and especially after a November election, activity drops between Thanksgiving and New Year, dramatically the last two weeks. Same at Red County before that. It then increases again. Activity is driven by new posts, of course, whereas our bloggers mostly work in the political field with many of them on hiatus this time of year. Yes, it is slow at present, however we see little to suggest it’s different than any holiday season. As for posting elsewhere, you have posted elsewhere since you started here, using this venue and others for the same pieces. That isn’t an issue for us. Bloggers are encouraged to do so if it helps get the word out. We’d ask for a mention of Rostra and a link, out of courtesy. Reference to a cross-post is standard in the biz. You can do the same here for your other outlets. Thanks.

  2. I think we must also thank the staff here, especially Thor’s Assistant. For some of us that let our emotions show thru and also no longer have Barry as a proofreader (The joys of sharing a place with him in my younger years), greatly appreciate the fine editing they do on our pieces before they hit the web.

  3. Richard, like TA I don’t see this as anything more than the normal post-election holiday hiatus. But in an effort to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem, I admit I’ve been a bit inactive due to other pressing business. The Libertarian Lass pledges to be a more active contributor in 2013. In fact, I have some dandy stuff for Rostrafarians to chew on which should be up tonight.

    Happy New Year all!

  4. Post
  5. While Richard and other Rostrafarians make some good points, my last guest post received well over 1,000 Facebook likes on this website over what was supposed to be a slow weekend. The audience and appetite is out there.

    With all the new developments in the South Bay corruption scandal at Sweetwater and now other districts, we will see more posts forthcoming.

    We also can’t forget the special elections that are coming up for the State Senate and Assembly. With Ben Hueso (and potentially others — that’s not an announcement) making a run for the Senate, there will definitely be posts about the open Assembly seat which is already being eyed by former Chula Vista Councilman Steve Casteneda and Lorena Gonzalez of the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council. With other individuals potentially throwing their hat into that ring (and that’s not an announcement either), there are sure to be some fireworks.

    And we can’t forget the special election in San Diego’s District 4 for Tony Young’s vacant seat.

    Once the fog of the November battle lifts and the holiday haze dissipates, this site will be roaring during what would normally be a quiet off-cycle period.

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