San Diego County Gun Owners responds to shooting at Del Mar Fairgrounds

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In response to the shooting at the Ice Cube concert at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, the San Diego County Gun Owners PAC calls on the 22nd Agricultural Board to discontinue events that invite violence and, instead, support events that promote family, safety, and law-abiding San Diegans, such as the Crossroads of the West gun show.

Where’s the moral outrage towards the Del Mar Fairgrounds and the Agricultural Association board of directors? The Agricultural Board permitted a rap concert performed by an artist with a history of glorifying violence, drug dealing, gang culture, and degrading women. Guess what happened? Sure enough, violence breaks out with a gun. Yet, the board is entertaining the idea, based on so-called moral grounds, of discontinuing the gun shows attended by thousands of law-abiding San Diegan families who learn gun safety. The board wants to close down or demand additional security for family-oriented events, but then they allow Ice Cube concerts.

Their hypocrisy is obvious: The fairgrounds board has lost all moral authority. We call on the board to realign their priorities with the rule of law and support events that promote safe, legal, responsible activities for families to enjoy, such as the annual county fair and the gun shows.

-Michael Schwartz, Executive Director


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  1. Nice racial dog whistles, boys.

    Let’s not mention that the most deadly mass shooting in US history happened at a country music concert.

    422 people were shot. 58 victims died.

  2. Brian, I’m not going to pick on you, because you made a course correction indicating some level of awareness that the original point wasn’t defensible.

    But the author of this post is another matter.

    I went back in the archives to October of last year—right after the Las Vegas shooting, and sure enough, I found a post by the same author.

    After 58 people lost their lives, his lengthy article curiously doesn’t blame the culture of country music for the massacre. In fact, the genre of music played on stage isn’t mentioned at all. I wonder why the genre of music would be relevant in the context of a rap concert, but not a country music concert. Hmmmmm. I’m going to need to think about that one.

    Maybe there is a clue in this quote from the article about the Las Vegas shooting: “What happened in Las Vegas happens monthly in the inner-city ghettos . . .”

    So, the shooting outside a rap concert in San Diego, the author blames a rapper performing on stage. And at the massacre at the country music festival in Las Vegas, he blames inner city ghettos. Hmmmmm.

    Oh, and by the way, the overarching theme of the Las Vegas article was chastising someone else for using a shooting to advance a political agenda.


  3. Encinitas Dad,

    You’re confused or just trying to twist the situation to support your opinion. The shooter at Del Mar was upset because the show was sold out and he could not procure a ticket. The shooter in Vegas took advantage of an opportunity…..a large crowd. It was stated on the news the Vegas shooter scouted other sights with large crowds and settled on the Vegas location. The genre of music could have been rap, country, opera or it could have been a large Self Help seminar. The attitude of the Del Mar shooter was synonymous with the thug rap culture. I would love to see national stats of shooting that take place at Rap shows verses at gun shows.

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