Coast News: Phil Graham’s accuser faces criminal charges for filing false report

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Nichole Burgan faces criminal charges

Not unlike false allegations undermined the Congressional campaign of Carl DeMaio a few years ago, fabricated charges — discovered late in the campaign — may have played a role in Phil Graham’s June primary loss for a North County Assembly seat.

From The Coast News…

“A North County woman who falsely accused former State Assembly candidate Phil Graham of groping and forcibly kissing her now faces criminal charges stemming from her claims.

“According to Superior Court records obtained by The Coast News, the District Attorney’s office has charged Nichole Burgan with misdemeanor filing of a false police report stemming from the claims made during the lead up to the June 5 primary election.”

Read all of Aaron Burgin’s story here.

“It has been 13 weeks since the District Attorney filed charges against Nichole Burgan for a false police report and 10 weeks since she was arraigned,” said Doug Sain, who wrote about the case on SD Rostra in late May, “however, until today none of the major local news services have reported or covered this attack on a State election. Will the San Diego Union Tribune/LA Times, NBC 7 or ABC 10, cover this story about the malicious derailing of a State election?”


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  1. A lot of people put time, effort and money into Phil’s campaign. Perhaps many of these folks could sue her in small claims court, if not only to tie her up in litigation, and more importantly waste her time. A creative lawyer should be able to come up with a legal theory for the suits.

  2. “Probably didn’t matter for the election.”

    It gave Mo Muir the fuel she needed, to whip the Central Committee up, to pull Phil’s endorsement. This action alone cost Phil the volunteers he needed to win.

    “The GOP needs to learn how to compete in open primaries and not have 5 Republicans splitting the vote.”

    Especially in North County. What we saw in that primary election was the center-right balkanization of what is now a center-left District. Muir got the Encinitas vote and Krouse did just enough to get two Democrats to the run off (No surprise, he has been working with the Democrats since 2016),

    Republican narcissists guaranteed two Dems in the 76th run-off. Candidates, who couldn’t raise six figures , insisted on challenging our endorsed candidate. What used to be a center-right seat is now in the hands of either a union stooge or a Democratic Socialist

  3. Don’t forget Niki Burgan is a friend of Jerome Stocks, who was also in the race. Her motive may have been to help another Republican.

  4. I hope Phil sues her as the West Point Colonel did to a woman who falsely accused him of rape and cost him a promotion to General. He won a multi-million dollar judgement.

  5. Nichole Burgan used the ME TOO Movement to file false charges against Phil Graham who is running for 76th State Assembly in California. There is so much more crime associated with her and the fraudulent organization, SoCal H2O Rescue Team. This organization was advertised in Facebook since 2010 where they state that your donations are tax deductible. Who knows that this is an illegal operation? San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, California Department of Parks and Recreation, and more. The Coast News published a few news articles of Nichole Burgan. The Coast News deleted my posts revealing her crimes. the Coast News has the documentation that shows Nichole Burgan has been operating an illegal operation for her personal gain and defrauding the general public and violating the tax laws as well, Yes, the IRS has the documentation showing she is operating an illegal non-profit organization and informed me that I was only speculating. Other News agencies have this information as well and all have ignored or suppressed this information.

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