SD Occupiers Assault Woman Presumed to be from Tea Party

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This is apparently from November 8 when our own San Diego Occupiers assault a woman who films them (on a public street). Anyone who thinks these people truly do have a peaceful agenda are terribly mistaken. The Occupy movement is based on anger, envy, and mob righteousness. The number of videos surfacing of Occupiers spewing hate and vulgarities is never-ending. Trying to conduct reasonable dialogue with these people is a lost cause.  Why the media don’t report on what this group truly represents is disturbing, especially when looking back at all the concern that was aired over the Tea Party’s purported racist, violent agenda.

Caution, offensive language, though this is pretty much the norm when viewing an occupy-anywhere video:


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  1. Where is Dave Maass? He spent months crying about people booing Bob Filner at Election Central last year. Let’s see some tears about this violent incident.

  2. I retweeted the video as soon as it was tweeted at me. I’d be really pissed off if someone knocked a camera out of my hands. If I see that woman when I’m down there, I’ll tell her that I think she was out of line–then duck.

    Thanks for thinking of me.

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