SD County Taxpayers Association: City Redistricting group should reconsider controversial computer contract

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The S.D. County Taxpayers Association  is the latest civic group to weigh-in on the troubled SD Redistricting Commission, raising concerns today about a disputed contract for vital computer services. The organization’s statement says in part, “Lani Lutar, President & CEO, said SDCTA is concerned that such a decision would further compromise the perception the Commission is politically biased.  ‘Whether or not any of the individual bidders is qualified to do the work is not the focus, though DPC has no experience in the mapping work required,’ said Lutar.”

……….Lani  Lutar’s Statement Continues:

“It’s  a problem of process. If none of the initial bids were responsive, the process should be reopened. The request for proposals may need clarification so the bids are more responsive. Whatever needs to be done, it makes no sense to select a contractor that apparently doesn’t meet the criteria.”

Lutar pointed out that the Commission has been under fire for its alleged lack of impartiality. “‘This Commission cannot afford any perception of bias that would compromise the redistricting process and the decisions it eventually makes.  It must take extra care to avoid even the appearance that it is less than impartial and objective as possible.”

Lutar will testify on behalf of the Association at this afternoon’s Redistricting Commission meeting at 4 p.m. at San Diego City Hall, 12th floor, urging the Commission to re-open the bidding process for this critically important contract.

……….Voice of San Diego’s Adrian Florido Broke the Story

Ace reporter Adrian Florido at Voice of San Diego broke the Computer Contract story this week, a fact saluted by SD Rostra yesterday.  Florido’s account, the product of much hard work,  can be found here.


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