SD CityBeat: Flipping Maienschein

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John Lamb at the lefty CityBeat has the story on Brian Maienschein’s party flip and quotes SD Rostra’s Brian Brady extensively. Plus the photo is brilliant.

Some excerpts from the story…

Brian Brady, a SDGOP Central Committee alternate who has clashed with (GOP Chairman) Krvaric in the past, said he knew Maienschein had the potential to flip two years ago.

“Tony’s Achilles’ heel is, he sees the world in Rs and Ds [Republicans and Democrats],” Brady told Spin, adding (shock!) that not all Republicans are saints nor are all Dems devils. In the end, Brady figures Maienschein’s mutiny will hurt him more than the party, given rumors that San Diego Councilmember Mark Kersey, one of the few remaining GOP stars in the local constellation, may challenge the newly minted Democrat rather than run for mayor himself.

Spin asked Brady whom Republicans have in the stables for a legitimate mayoral run in 2020. He paused and let out a little air. “It’s a lost cause,” he lamented. “The funny thing is, four years ago I was thinking [Councilmember] Chris Cate was going to be the next mayor.” 

Then SoccerCity Memo-gate ended that idea.

“The way he handled that whole thing was bad,” Brady said. “There is an argument to be made that San Diegans like their mayors Republican and boring.”

“My guess is when we’re in hell—and I don’t know how much deeper in hell we can be—but when we’re finally in hell for the [2020] general election, a good number of Central Committee members will go, ‘Why don’t we back Shelley (Zimmerman)?’ If she’s viable and can beat, I don’t know, Todd Gloria, then why not?”

He thinks a candidate that can “stay in their lane—potholes, cops, firemen, lifeguards, water and trash,” might have a chance. “That’s why Shelley could be an interesting candidate,” he said.

“I know there was an effort to get her to kneel,” Brady said, “but you understand why, right? We’re the Republican Party, and a Republican organization backs Republicans. But I’m still guessing she’s still the great Republican hope.”

Read all of Lamb’s article here.


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  1. Hate to say that Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher is right, but she’s right. If Tony Krvaric doesn’t believe that these suburban centers are shifting more purple-blue than ever before, he can just ask Mimi Walters, David Valadao, Jeff Denham, Steve Knight, and Dana Rohrabacher. It’s not rocket science — the country (and cities) are changing, and the GOP’s national brand is dragging down local R’s and forcing them to either retire or jump ship.

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