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“Carl DeMaio led the reform movement and helped save the city from bankruptcy.” — Councilmember Scott Sherman

San Diego – After consecutive weeks of independent congressional analysts downgrading Scott Peters’ re-election prospects since Carl DeMaio entered the race, and the DeMaio for Congress campaign’s recent pickup of major organizational endorsements, DeMaio is now beginning to release an impressive list of endorsements from local elected officials.

Today Carl DeMaio is announcing that San Diego City Councilman Scott Sherman is endorsing his campaign for the Congress.

Sherman is one of San Diego’s newest councilmembers, having been elected to District 7 outright in the 2012 June primary. DeMaio was among those who encouraged Sherman to run – they both shared a passion for reforming city government and restoring neighborhood services. DeMaio became one of Sherman’s staunchest early supporters and the two worked together to pass Comprehensive Pension Reform. Sherman often joined DeMaio outside of District 7 shopping centers on weekends to collect signatures to place the measure on the ballot.

“It’s rare in politics to see a leader actually produce major change and fix problems. In San Diego, Carl DeMaio was the taxpayers’ watchdog that led the reform movement and helped save the city from bankruptcy,” said Councilman Sherman. “In Washington, I’m confident he will continue to provide the same common-sense leadership and produce the same impressive results.”

DeMaio announced for Congress late May and has already been endorsed by the New Majority, one of California’s largest Republican Political Action Committees, and the Lincoln Club of San Diego County, one of the region’s leading reform organizations.

DeMaio’s candidacy has already attracted substantial national attention including from independent non-partisan analysts from Cook Political Report and Sabato’s Crystal Ball. Both have downgraded Peters’ reelection prospects from “Lean Democrat” and “Likely Democrat” respectively, to “Toss-up”. National observers have pointed to DeMaio’s success in getting reforms done in San Diego on a bipartisan basis and acknowledging the role DeMaio can play as a “New Generation Republican” who focuses on pocket-book, economic and quality of life issues in a more positive and inclusive way.

Just two weeks ago a memo from NRCC Chairman Greg Waldon listed DeMaio as a top 5 pick-up opportunity, in part due to early polling showing DeMaio with a 10 point lead over Peters – the best polling numbers in the country for any challenger. The poll also showed DeMaio with a significant favorability advantage over Peters.

DeMaio carried the 52nd District with 58% of the vote during the mayoral race in 2012. To learn more about Carl DeMaio and his campaign for City Council, visit


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  1. I watched Councilman Sherman on the news tonight – he is so genuine and down to earth, I am trusting he has that same good judgment with the endorsement!

  2. Real Republicans would not vote for an increase in Border Patrol.

    Border Patrol is just more Welfare considering the agency adds no end value only pays people to sit around and watch people. Big brother with no end gain.

    Tell Issa and others- No on Amnesty and No on increased border patrol.

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