School Board incumbent John Evans (D) reports ZERO raised for his 2012 re-election race! — What is going on here, class?

Jim Sills Jim Sills


John Evans, a Democratic school board member in Republican-leaning District A (Mira Mesa, Clairemont), has signed a new campaign report showing $0 raised, and $0 spent, from January 1 to December 31, 2011.  Your correspondent can’t recall another major local incumbent raising nothing  as their re-election year beganThat’s not a misprint: -ZERO-.  So now who in Clairemont, Mira Mesa, University City or Bay Park wants to compete with Mr. Evans and become a School Trustee?


District A has had three different incumbents the past eight years,  so New Blood has a real chance at success here.  Those District A natives are always restless.  Candidate filing for the five-member SD Unified School Board opens Feb. 13 and closes March 9.  A $200 filing fee, and 200 valid nominating signatures, puts you on the ballot.  For roughly another $1,200 a “Statement of Qualifications” and photo will appear in the Sample Ballot booklet.

Impress your Friends.  Amaze your Neighbors.  Irritate the In-Laws.

Got a few changes you want made?  Tired of the same old pat answers?  Neighbors forming a committee?   Then come on down!  Good seats are still available.

DISCLOSURE:   Jim Sills has no existing professional  campaign connection to candidates mentioned in this article.